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Transport group supports NCAP, calls for clear guidelines

August 2, 2022 Edd Reyes 331 views

THE transport advocacy group, “The Passenger Forum”, on Tuesday voiced out their support for the “No Contact Apprehension Policy” (NCAP) being implemented in various areas in Metro Manila while also asking local government units (LGUs) and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to address public concerns regarding confusing rules.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “While we acknowledge that the NCAP system still has room for improvement, we think this is a first step towards making our roads more friendly towards pedestrians, commuters, and even bicycle riders. In our view, traffic rules are here to protect people and make motorists more responsible. NCAP is a good start for us to move towards the right direction.”

Morillo explained that NCAP “promotes road safety and motorist discipline and removes traffic enforcers’ discretion in apprehending drivers who violate traffic laws.”

“The certainty of apprehension through NCAP technology effectively lessens bribery and corruption on our roads. We just need to ensure clear guidelines to minimize confusion, like the ones posted online by some motorists.

We also hope our authorities, like the MMDA and LGUs, effectively circulate their official pronouncements regarding traffic rules,” he added.

TPF also believes that NCAP will pave the way for a “better pedestrian experience” as one of the laws being enforced by the system is speed limits.

“For Metro Manila to be walkable, we must effectively impose speed limits and transition from footbridges and underpasses to at-grade pedestrian lanes. The successful implementation of our traffic laws through the NCAP is crucial in guaranteeing the safety of commuters in PUVs [Public Utility Vehicles], on the road, and even those riding their own bikes,” Morillo said.