Transnational crimes

December 1, 2022 People's Tonight 302 views

THE public supports the Philippine National Police’s determination to beef up its efforts to help the international community in its all-out campaign against transnational crimes.

The PNP, the country’s premier law enforcement arm which is civilian in nature but national in scope, plays a stellar role in the fight against syndicated criminal activities.

In fact, impoverished Philippines “is never far behind” in addressing criminal activities involving transnational syndicates, according to PNP chief Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr.

Through its elite Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG), the police agency was instrumental in breaking the backbone of criminal syndicates engaged in online financial fraud.

The PNP and other law enforcement agencies should be commended for busting foreign-led drug syndicates operating in the Philippines.

The PNP’s aggressive stance in support of the national policy against drug trafficking and abuse has successfully severed the supply chain of illegal drugs in the country.

Azurin made the statement as head of the country’s delegation to the 17th Annual Conference of Heads of National Central Bureaus of the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-INTERPOL) in Lyon, France.

It was attended by 300 delegates from 142 member-countries of INTERPOL, including the Philippines.

Other members of the delegation were Maj. Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr., Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Peralta, Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac, Maj. Gen. Eliseo Cruz, and Maj. Gen. Valeriano de Leon.