Torre Asia’s first GM Eugene Torre and ERJHS Principal Gina Obierna make the ceremonial moves during the “Isulong Mo with GM Eugene Torre and IM Angelo Young” simultaneous chess exhibition matches at the ERJHS audio-visual room last Monday, May 22. Watching them are IM Angelo Young, IM Idel Datu, former ERJHS Alumni Association president Jess Asistin, ERJHS Alumni Sports Club president Ed Andaya, vice-presidents Imee Gines and Oliric Lacsamana and Ms. ERJHS Alumni Jean Wenceslao and other guests and participants.

Torre: Make the right moves, play chess

May 27, 2023 Ed Andaya 2245 views
Asia’s first GM Eugene Torre and IM Angelo Young pose for posterity with Roberto Castor Rover Scouts head Fe Castor-Pangan, Lizette Mariano, Bess Maghirang, Beth Pascual and Ms. ERJHS Alumni Jean Wenceslao

ASIA’S first GM Eugene Torre urged the youth to continue to get involved in sports, especially chess, and stay away from drugs and other vices to become better citizens.

In his speech before student- participants in the “Isulong Mo with GM Eugene Torre and IM AngeloYoung” simultaneous chess exhibition matches, Torre said playing chess will also provide the youth with some of the more important values in life.

“Life is like a game of chess. You always have to make the right moves and follow the rules. If you fail, you get up and try again,” said Torre, who made history by becoming Asia’s first grandmaster during the World Chess Olympiad in Nice. France in 1974.

Torre, who will turn 71 this November, reminded the youth to always follow the three kings in life: spiritual king, mental king and physical king.

“Sundin natin itong sinasabing three kings in life. Kapag maayos ang ating spiritual, mental at physical well-being, maayos ang buhay. Kaya natutuwa nga ako na may mga ganitong pagsisikap na ma-promote ang chess sa mga paaralan, lalo na sa mga kabataan,” added Torre, who also conducted a 15-board simultaneous chess exhibition with select students and alumni of the Quezon City public high school.

Young, on the other hand, underscored the importance of bringing the sport closer to the people, especially the youth.

“Napakahalaga na magkaroon tayo ng mga ganitong pagbisita sa iba’t ibang mga paaralan at magsagawa ng mga ganitong exhibition matches para makahanap pa tayo ng mas madaming mga homegrown talents,” said Young, who was enshrined to the ERJHS Alumni Sports Club Hall of Fame in 2016.

Former Ateneo program director for chess IM Idel Datu also conducted chess lectures for student-participants.

This is actually the second time that Torre conducted chess simul to ERJHS srtudents following a similar activity in February, 2018.

Torre, Young and Datu lauded ERJHS Principal Gina Obierna and the ERJHS Alumni Sports Club for their efforts to promote chess in the school.

The top five student-participants were Clark Kean Amodia, Reyland Samson, Lhu Fearigs Calimbas, Xenon Santos and Stephanie Nicole Belgira.

Outstanding alumni who joined the event were Jose de Leon of Batch 66, Tony Susano of Batch 72, Romeo Gagap of Batch 85 and Richard Nell of Batch 93.

Also present during the simultaneous exhibition matches were Sapporo Winter Olympics delegate Marcelo de Guzman of Batch 72, former ERJHS Alumni Association president Jess Asistin of Batch 76, Roberto Castor Rover Scouts head Fe Castor-Pangan and ASC officers Zeny Castor, Imee Gines, Oliric Lacsamana, Jane Jimenez, Bess Maghirang, Ramon Ypil, Albert Andaya, Richard Nell and Roy Madayag and Ms. ERJHS Alumni Jean Wenceslao.

Event sponsors are Batch 70, Batch 76, Batch 81, Batch 82, Camp Pulong Gubat Wavepool Resort-Batangas and Ping-Ping Lechon.