Time Traveler Stuck in 2027 Shares ‘Proof’ He’s the Last Person on Earth

December 15, 2021 People's Tonight 461 views

Paul Seaburn November 10, 2021

If you’re like me (god help you), when it’s time to flip over another month on the calendar (yes, I still use the flip kind), you think, “I wonder how that TikTok time traveler is doing? Is he still stuck in 2027? Has he met anyone in the future or is he still alone? Has he figured out why everything seems to still be working despite there being not a single person around to keep things working? Does he wonder when we’ll get bored and move on to another time traveler? Of, if he’s really a time traveler, does he already know?” Well, it’s time for the Lone Survivor’s report from 2027 for November, and he’s decided to “prove” to us he’s for real.

“Waking up, everything changes place. I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours.”

Traveler1This is what Javier – a.k.a. @unicosobreviviente or the Lone Survivor – has been trying to convince us of since June when he posted his first TikTok video claiming he woke up in the year 2027 somewhere in Barcelona and he’s the only person there. After dealing with questions on how his cellphone could be working and how he could be transmitting back in time, Javier altered his story to say he’s actually in a parallel universe that happens to be six years ahead of 2021. No matter where or when he is, Javier has managed to do an excellent job of creating a LOT of videos of a major city with absolutely no other people in sight. However, he has some idiosyncrasies like never showing his face. A recent video looked like that ban would end, but it just shows his hooded head with his face darkened.

“If you make the same video but during the day, I’ll believe you for real.”

Javier’s followers are obviously tired of the cat-and-mouse-in-the-future game and want real proof. After shooting videos of a fancy but empty hotel that he appears to have free roaming privileges in, a shot out of a window at night gave one follower an idea – show the same busy intersection in daylight and prove nothing – i.e. no cars – has moved and no people were out and about during the day. Javier seemed willing to comply – here is the ‘night’ video and the ‘day’ video – but his fans spotted some discrepancies.

Responder a @diegogr01_
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“Look closely at the dark spots in the intersection you can see some movements. Looks like something was edited out.”

Uh-oh. That has been a suspicion all along – Javier has some sophisticated editing equipment and is creating these videos to make the world aware of … something. Desolation? Isolation? A warning that a few of us could end up like Javier if the rest of the world dies from disease or a climate disaster or war or … something. That unknown, and the fact that so many people are worried about the future, probably keeps fans coming back for more. But for how much more?

Traveler2Do you believe Javier is in a parallel universe? Can you see dark spots or movements in the daytime video? Why do you think he continues to post these TikTok videos? Why isn’t someone working as hard as he is to reveal his true identity?

See you at the next calendar flip.