TikTok man claims he is a time traveller – here’s his ‘proof’

May 11, 2022 People's Tonight 347 views

Sinead Butler
Jan 26, 2022


A man who says he’s a “time traveller” from the future and regularly claims to be stuck in the year 2028 in a post-apocalyptic world alone says he has proof to back up his outlandish declarations.

TikToker Javier (@unicosobreviviente – which means “only survivor”) has amassed up 6.6m followers by sharing his solo adventures as a “time traveller”, filming abandoned places, buildings and cars all around Spain, and claiming he’s been stuck in this future world for 340 days. He has even previously warned that human extinction is just a few years away.

Ever since the TikToker first posted to his account back in February last year, he has remained adamant that he can prove the validity of his claims and continues to post regular updates.

For his first post, he described: “I just woke up in a hospital and I don’t know what might have happened. Today is February 13, 2027 and I am alone in the city.”