Tiffany Grey bound to turn heads in ‘Kamadora’

August 12, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 625 views

Tiffany Grey is bound to turn heads with her captivating performance in Kamadora.

In it, she is Ica, a beautiful woman thrust in a dark world filled with violence and sex.

It all started with her mother leaving her father, taking on an assassin as her new husband.

As a young girl, Ica will be made to get rid of the decomposing bodies of her stepfather’s victims.

As bad as it already is, things will only get worse for Ica, with her murderous stepfather going on to molest her.

He will be his first victim.

Ica will then flee to Manila through the help of Roger, a policeman.

But Roger is not the angel she thought he was.

Roger will eventually force himself on Ica making her his sex slave.

Ica’s hardship will continue after she finds work in a department store.

There, she would be molested not only by customers but her own boss as with the company owner’s son, Dave, who will also use her for criminal purposes.

Will Ica still be able to find a way out of her dire situation?

What happens when Roger learns about Ica and Dave’s relationship?

Kamadora, directed Roman Perez Jr., currently streams exclusively on Vivamax.