Thumbs up to Sara as Defense chief

January 22, 2022 Jester P. Manalastas 255 views

VICE presidential candidate Sara Duterte is qualified to become National Defense Secretary.

This was according to Duterte Youth party-list Representative Ducielle Marie Cardema as she expressed support to the tandem of former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Duterte.

Should she win the vice presidency, Davao Mayor Inday Sara could be best appointed as Defense Secretary.

Cardema said Mayor Sara Duterte is a graduate of the AFPCGSC (AFP Command and General Staff College) and is a full Colonel in the AFP Reserve Force.

“She is a government official who is very vocal against the terroristic acts of the leftist CPP-NPA-NDF. A strongwoman leader like her is perfect for the portfolio of being the Defense Secretary of our country, should their Marcos-Duterte tandem win as our next President and Vice-President,” Cardema said.

Meanwhile, Cardema said she supports Mayor Sara’s proposal to enlist in military service those turning 18 years old.

“I support her desire for a mandatory military training for our youth just like in Singapore, South Korea, and Israel. These three countries transformed their countries into powerful nations, first by training their youthful population for defense and nation-building,” she stressed.

“Unlike these three countries, we are a disaster-prone country because we have so many typhoons every year, we are an archipelagic country with many islands therefore it is not easy to bring troops/responders to other islands, and we have a bigger population, a big human resource, therefore we have a bigger need to train, organize, & mobilize our youth for disaster preparedness and territorial defense, throughout the entire archipelago. We strongly support VP Candidate Sara Duterte on this advocacy,” Cardema added.