Things you realize as you get older

March 20, 2023 People's Journal 64 views

THERE are many things we realize as we grow older. “May pinagkatandaan” most people would say, all life’s good as well as bad experiences makes us wiser.

As we age, we realize:

* Actions and words both have value, it’s when the two don’t align that the value is lost.

* If it doesn’t bring peace, profits, or purpose, then don’t give it your time, energy, or attention.

* Your greatest test will be how you handle people who mishandled you.

* You can mute people in real life too. It’s called boundaries.

* Never lose your self-respect for someone who doesn’t care about your feelings and emotions.

* Loneliness doesn’t stop when we are surrounded by people. It stops when we are seen for who we truly are.

* A lot of conversations need to be had in person. Tones need to be heard; facial expressions need to be seen.

* Some people will always be important, with or without a conversation.

* When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve.

* The people we choose to spend time with will shape who we become.