‘The Wall Philippines’ brings fun and fortune to Kapuso viewers

August 26, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 207 views

Get ready for more thrilling Sunday afternoons as the hit international game show The Wall Philippines makes its highly-anticipated premiere tomorrow, August 28, on GMA Network.

The program, a co-production between GMA and Viva, marks the Kapuso comeback of world-class performer and reality game show host Billy Crawford.

The actor and TV host is happy to be finally working again in the Kapuso Network, “I feel welcomed and at home. This collaboration has given me, as a host and an artist, the opportunity to be a freelancer and work with anyone. We also have other shows lined up and in the talks for now.”

Billy also guarantees that the viewers will definitely enjoy watching the program, “I’m sure magugustuhan ng audience itong The Wall because it’s a very exciting show. The best thing about game shows is you let people’s emotions out. We want the contestants to feel afraid, excited, sad and happy.”

The Wall Philippines is a pachinko game with a twist. It offers players the opportunity to win up to P10 million.

Part knowledge and part luck, the program delivers a roller coaster of emotions as the contestants may be ahead with a huge amount of banked money in one instance and may lose it all in the next.

The game’s main goal is to bank as much money as possible by answering trivia questions and landing the balls on high-value bins. The mechanics are simple — get a correct answer to get a green ball, miss a question and get a red ball. Green adds, red subtracts.

Later on, the two players separate. One goes to the isolation booth and the other stays on stage. The isolated player answers the questions while the stage player is in charge of loading up the balls.

In the third and final round, one money slot holds the million amount.

At the end of the game, the isolated player gets a contract which he/she needs to either sign or tear up. Signing the contract ensures them of winning the total money won in Round 1 or the Free Fall plus P20,000 per correct answer in Rounds 2 and 3.

Tearing up the contract means the players will bring home whatever the final amount The Wall Philippines states after Round 3. It’s a blind decision ahead of once-in-a-lifetime money for the both of them.

Viva Communications, Inc. Vice President Jay Montelibano expresses his gratitude to the Kapuso Network, “We’re very happy and thankful for this collaboration. We pitched a couple of shows.

There’s another one na si Billy din ang magho-host because we saw his capability and he’s a conversationalist. So we’ll find out if ano pa ang mga susunod na project ng GMA and Viva.”

Catch the world premiere of The Wall Philippines tomorrow and every Sunday, 3:35 p.m., on GMA-7.

Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV.