Text scams

June 18, 2024 People's Tonight 71 views

DESPITE the mandatory registration of SIM cards, text scammers continue to victimize more and more people across the Philippines.

Even the government has admitted that the landmark SIM Registration Act is not the “Silver Bullet” against messaging scams.

It was the first law signed by President Bongbong Marcos to reduce, if not eliminate, scams committed through text or online messages.

But scammers provide false or fictitious information when registering their SIM cards.

“Ito ay ginagawa ng mga scammer para hindi sila makilala ng mga biktima nila,” lamented an irate retired government employee.

But the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said that these scamming activities have become a regional phenomenon.

We share the view of NTC that what is needed is to enhance the enforcement of SIM card registration in the country.

And the NTC vowed to tighten its regulations pertaining to SIM registration to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

The Philippines, a Third World nation, is now the undisputed “celfon capital” of the world, with even kids using cellular phones.

Aware of this, a member of Congress has filed a bill seeking to ban students and teachers from using cellular phones during class hours in public and private schools.