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Teves’ lawyer hits DOJ over 99% case solved claim

April 2, 2023 Hector Lawas 253 views

NEGROS Oriental Rep. Arnie Teves’ lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, has expressed disagreement with Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla’s recent announcement that the murder of provincial governor Roel Degamo is 99% solved, with the arrest of one of the masterminds.

“It is never 99%, 100%, 70%, 50% solved at this stage. It is too early to say that. Until there is a preliminary investigation, a case is brought to court, there is a trial, and the accused is convicted by final judgment, it is not solved. These statements made by Remulla do not help,” Topacio said.

Remulla disclosed on Friday that the controversial killing of Degamo, which also resulted in the deaths of eight civilians, is 99% solved.

The DOJ chief said that a “major player” in the killing of Degamo was arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Remulla declined to give further details, citing ongoing investigations but assured the public that he would disclose new developments this week.

He compared the arrest to solving a puzzle, saying that a crucial piece had finally been put in place.

The killing of Degamo caused widespread controversy, and the public has been eagerly waiting for progress in the case.

With this latest development, many are hopeful that justice will be served for the victims and their families.