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Tennessee Man Arrested for Firing Shotgun at ‘Telepathic Aliens’

March 28, 2022 People's Tonight 403 views

March 24, 2022
By Tim Binnall

A Tennessee man is in trouble with the law following a bizarre incident wherein he allegedly fired his shotgun at a neighbor’s house in an attempt to thwart what he contends are telepathic aliens that have been tormenting him. The truly strange case reportedly occurred on Sunday evening in the community of Rogersville when cops received a call about a man shooting a gun in a residential neighborhood. When Dustin Winter, a deputy with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, arrived on the scene, he encountered a man named Jamie Lee McGuire, who shared quite the fantastic story.

According to an arrest report later penned by Winter, the man explained that “aliens have been relentlessly attacking him via telepathic communication.” The unwanted intrusion in his life apparently reached a crescendo on Sunday evening, the deputy recalled, when McGuire “saw the aliens in a block storage building on the other side of his neighbor’s property.” Finally having eyes on the extraterrestrials that had torn his life asunder, McGuire subsequently “ran and got his shotgun and began shooting at the aliens,” presumably in the hopes of putting an end to their mental harassment once and for all.

For those wondering if perhaps McGuire was under the influence of some illicit substances at the time of the incident, Winter’s report indicates that the man allegedly admitted to smoking meth on Saturday evening. And, in the course of conversation between the would-be alien hunter and the deputy, “the suspect spontaneously told me that he smokes meth because it makes him feel better, and that it helps block the telepathic communication from aliens.” While it is uncertain whether or not McGuire’s misguided attempt to take down the telepathically torturous ETs led them to stop bothering him, it did lead to his arrest for reckless endangerment.