Teachers ready for SY ’23-’24, says group

August 29, 2023 Arlene Rivera 237 views

TEACHERS Dignity Coalition (TDC) assured that public teachers are ready to serve for another school year despite problems and hardships they are facing as classes resumed on Aug. 29.

According to Benjo Basas, TDC national chairperson, they are still facing perennial problems such as lack of classrooms, armchairs, instructional materials and even teachers.

“We observe these woes every year, so they are not new. But what’s worse, Basas said, is that the situation remains the same for decades.

“There may be changes in the curriculum or even to the physical condition of our classrooms and schools, but the condition of the teachers is the most important and should be given priority.”

The group added, teachers are still overburdened with redundant clerical work that gets worse every day. Class sizes can reach as high as 50 to 55.

The group also reiterated its demand to compensate the lost days intended for school break, previously referred to as summer vacation of teachers.

“The school year 2022-2023 officially ended on July 14, 2023 and the school year 2023- 2024 begins on August 29, 2023, therefore, we were only granted a 45-day school break as opposed to the standard 60,” Basas explained

He further expressed that the 60-day end-of-school year break ensures that teachers have sufficient time to rest, recharge, and physically prepare for the next school year.

This also serves as a substitute for the supposed vacation and sick leave to which public school teachers are not entitled.

Lastly the group urged President Marcos to make good of his promise to hike the salaries of public school teachers.

“One of Marcos Jr.’s platforms for his election campaign was to raise the salaries of our public school teachers. As a senator, he was consistent in filing a bill to raise teacher pay during the 15th and 16th Congress.

Now that he is president, he has all the power and influence needed to make it happen and not just keep it as a campaign promise, Basas said, adding that since 2010, the group has been pushing for a P10,000 across-the-board increase for DepEd employees.

But despite the grim situation, Basas assured the public that teachers are gearing up to report physically and they are prepared emotionally and mentally as well.