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Teachers condemn principal’s brutal shooting

September 21, 2023 Arlene Rivera 150 views

THE Teachers Dignity Coalition-Central Luzon Teachers Union (TDC-CLTU) condemned the violence that took place in Nueva Ecija last September 19.

The images and videos taken after the shooting that have been shared on both mainstream and social media platforms are horrible, according to the TDC-CLTU.

The group is referring to the brutal shooting of Reden Daquiz, a principal at the Sto. Tomas North Central School in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

He was shot seven times by assailants riding in motorcycles in front of the gate of the school witnessed by students, teachers, and parents.

Every act of violence is alarming, but it is particularly disturbing when it threatens the physical safety of people in places of learning, the group said.

This is because schools are places where children learn and grow. We take a firm stance against any and all forms of violence and uphold the value of a safe and nurturing environment for the sake of our children, teachers, staff and the entire school community, the group added.

As we seek justice for Mr. Daquiz, we call on the authorities, local government units, DepEd officials and security personnel to guarantee the safety of our schools.

“Everyone of us is in danger if one of us is threatened,” the group said.