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Taking the ‘toilet bowl’ for the President

September 19, 2022 Paul M. Gutierrez 324 views

PaulTAKING their cue from the “meek” and “civil” demeanor and character of President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., his political enemies who continue to lose sleep over his election to the presidency, have themselves lost their own civility by not giving the courtesy of keeping to themselves for at least the first 100 days of his administration, as what was used to be, by immediately launching a campaign to besmirch him by targeting the person closest to him: Atty. Victor Rodriguez.

And browsing thru the opinions and reports, especially in the mainstream media, it is not far-fetched to conclude that some well-moneyed groups are behind these attacks against Rodriguez.

Well, it could be said that partly, they have succeeded after PBBM agreed to accept Rodriguez’s resignation as Executive Secretary last September 17, 2022.

But then, the opposition’s merrymaking turned sour after PBBM also immediately appointed Rodriguez as his ‘Presidential Chief of Staff’ whereby Rodriguez would also be reporting and would only be responsible to PBBM.

Well, only the one-tracked minded, like race horses, or the morons, would be unable to get the clear message from PBBM that whatever they do, no matter how much they tried, Rodriguez continued to retain not only his trust and confidence but also, his friendship.

And why not? Was it not Rodriguez who has been doing the labor for PBBM during the time when he was not yet president and during the time when the name ‘Marcos’ continues to remind most Filipinos of the “evils” the Marcoses supposedly inflicted on the country during the martial law years?

In other words, Rodriguez has stayed beside PBBM even during the years when it is not politically polite, or ‘chic’ to mouth the Marcos name or extoll PBBM’s virtues.

And at the Palace after the elections, what the public, now neck-deep with the intrigues against Rodriguez seemed to forget, is that it was him who discovered the works of an “appointments syndicate” who have been milking applicants for money.

Was it not Rodriguez too who discovered that some “wise guys” at the agriculture department are trying to play PBBM for a fool by coming out with that controversial ‘Sugar Order No. 4’ to legalize the importation of 300,000 metric tons of sugar that we don’t really need.

Well, the price of sugar has gone down, the commodity having been flushed out of their hidden warehouses by the Bureau of Customs to create an artificial shortage and justify its rising cost.

Well, who ordered the crackdown by the way to ease the burden for PBBM and the rest of us? ES Vic Rodriguez.

But credit it to the well-oiled, well-funded drive against PBBM thru Rodriguez that the impression has been created that he has been harming the President’s interest. In our language, “nabaligtad ang istorya.” That is what happened, actually.

And credit it too to PBBM that he knows Rodriguez inside and out that despite the pressure, he now stands side-by-side with Rodriguez, knowing too that those lusting for Rodriguez’s blood is actually lusting for his own neck. As matters stand now, the impression is that they would rise and fall– together.

In other words, Rodriguez has been taking the brickbats, the toilet bowl even, for PBBM for so long now that he deserves to be trusted and relied on by the Chief Executive.

And yes, expect more demolition jobs in the days ahead.