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June 11, 2023 People's Journal 231 views

THE TAGUIG City government took exception to the claim of Makati that the legal dispute over Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation areas — already decided with finality by the Supreme Court — is not yet over.

In a statement, Taguig dismissed Makati’s social media posts as “unverified and anonymous posts in the category of fake news.”

Taguig also strongly rejected Makati’s assertion that the case had been set for oral arguments which it found “disturbing as they directly impinge on the integrity of our judicial system.”

Moreover, the claim that the SC decision “is not yet final impedes the execution of the decision and interferes with the transition to the new legal regime.”

“Our legal dispute with Makati has come to an end. However bitter the result may be to the losing party, the final decision must be accepted with good grace,” Taguig said.

The decision in favor of Taguig became final when Makati’s Motion for Reconsideration was denied with the Supreme Court, categorically stating that “(no) further pleadings, motions, letters or other communications shall be entertained.”