Superbody on dev’t of AI tech phenomena in PH pressed

March 12, 2023 People's Tonight 136 views

SURIGAO del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers has filed a bill seeking the creation of a “superbody” that would be responsible for the development and implementation of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technological phenomena in the country.

“While the Philippines recognizes the importance of AI in the development of the country, the rapid phase of technological advancement in AI also poses risks and challenges that must be addressed to ensure that its benefits are maximized, and its negative impacts are minimized, if not avoided,” he said.

Barbers, chair of the House committee on dangerous drugs, said the bill, entitled “An Act Promoting the Development and Regulation of AI in the Philippines”, seeks to address the potential risks and challenges by providing for a comprehensive framework for the development and regulation of AI in the country.

The measure seeks to establish an agency to be known as the Artificial Intelligence Development Authority (AIDA) which would undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities in the development and implementation of a national AI strategy.

The AI strategy, Barbers said, will promote AI research and development, support the growth of AI-related industries, and enhance the skills of the Filipino workforce in the AI field.

“AI is rapidly transforming the global economy, with its potential to enhance productivity, improve delivery of basic services, and drive economic growth,” he said.

The solon from Mindanao said that while many Filipinos are looking at AI’s positive potential, there should be an agency that would act as a “watchdog” to guard against unscrupulous individuals that would take advantage of or use it for their selfish or criminal ends.

“Nuong nauso ang Internet at naglabasan ang iba’t-ibang social media platforms tulad ng Facebook, Instagram, at iba pa, ginamit din ito ng mga masasamang loob para maglikha ng iba’t-ibang uri ng criminal schemes tulad ng financial scams, drug trafficking at extortion. Sa paglabas ng bagong technolohiya na AI, tiyak din na may mga tao na gagamitin ito sa kasamaan,” Barbers said.

The proposed legislation defines AI as an umbrella term that encompasses various forms of technology, including machine learning, deep learning, neural works, and natural language processing.

“It outlines the principles of responsible AI usage and development which include transparency, fairness, accountability, and privacy. It likewise requires organizations that develop or deploy AI technologies to adhere to these principles and to conduct risk assessments and impact analyses before deploying their technologies,” he said.

Moreover, Barbers said, the bill includes provisions to protect the privacy and personal data of individuals to prevent discrimination and bias in AI technologies; ensure that AI systems are safe and secure; for organizations to be transparent about their use of AI, and provide meaningful explanations for the decisions made by AI systems.

According to the solon from Surigao del Norte, countries such as the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, among others, have enacted laws or issued executive fiats to promote AI usage, and at the same time protect their citizens from individuals adopting criminal schemes using the AI transformative technology.