Summer treats sans sugar

April 28, 2022 People's Tonight 853 views

THERE’S an easy way to enjoy summer drinks without sacrificing taste or nutrition with the no sugar added iced tea mixes from Glorious Blend!

Glorious Blend iced tea mixes are naturally sweet and designed for people who want to reduce their intake of sugar-rich foods and beverages. These Stevia-sweetened thirst quenchers are perfect for beating the summer heat and come in lemon, red tea, and cucumber lemonade flavors.

Ideal sweetener for diabetics

Stevia is a safe and healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten food. It can help decrease calorie intake, lower blood sugar levels, and lowers your risk of developing cavities. It is a natural sweetener that can be helpful for people with diabetes. It won’t cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket like other sugars, so it should help maintain normal digestion and keep you feeling energized all day long.

Stevia has been shown in animal studies and human clinical trials to reduce cholesterol buildup due to its ability to boost insulin production, which reduces weight gain associated with risks of heart disease or stroke.

What’s even better is that Stevia leaves offer a sweet taste with zero carbohydrates or fat but still bring plenty of flavor.

With its tangy taste rich in vitamin C, these teas will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized. The addition of real berries provides antioxidants to help fight off free radicals inside our bodies. Black tea leaves provide soothing tones against common colds or viruses.

Glorious Blend’s sweetened iced tea mixes are available in major supermarkets at budget-friendly prices.

All the other Glorious Blend beverages use Stevia which has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic indexes — 3in1 coffee, 4in1 Malunggay mix, 5in1 Brown Rice Coffee, 7-in-1 Mangosteen-Malunggay Coffee, 7in1Native Cacao Choco and Maxitrim with L-Carnitine.

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