Stepped-up police patrols ordered to combat crime

June 19, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 168 views

PHILIPPINE National Police chief General Rommel Francisco D. Marbil yesterday ordered a nationwide intensification of foot and mobile police patrols to keep peace and order and enforce the law specifically those involving illegal guns.

According to PNP spokesperson Colonel Jean S. Fajardo, the top cop mandated a stepped-up patrol operations by all regional, provincial, city and municipal police stations with the end in view of arresting crime.

She added that Interior and Local Government Secretary Benjamin C. Acorda Jr. gave the instructions to the PNP chief following a recent meeting.

The directive includes round-the-clock foot, mobile and motorcycle patrols and conduct of Oplan Galugad and Oplan Sita to enhance visibility and ensure rapid response across the country.

“We are committed to making our communities safer by ensuring a strong police presence in public spaces. This initiative is designed to not only prevent crime but also to build trust and rapport with the communities we serve,” said Gen. Marbil.

The PNP chief also emphasized the importance of proactive policing strategies to deter crime and enhance community safety.

As part of this directive, he has ordered that 85 percent of all police personnel be actively engaged in field duties, significantly reducing the number of officers assigned to office work.

“This increased deployment of PNP personnel for patrolling is crucial in safeguarding community well-being,” he said.

In his directive, Gen Marbil instructed that patrol officers conduct regular foot patrols in urban centers, residential areas, and other high-traffic locations to maintain a visible presence and engage directly with community members.

Rapid-response motorcycle units on the other hand will patrol key areas to ensure swift mobility and the ability to quickly respond to incidents and emergencies.

He said through their Oplan Galugad, police will focus on thorough searches and inspections in designated areas, particularly those known for having high crime rates to disrupt and dismantle criminal activities.

On the other hand, their Oplan Sita will involve systematic checkpoints and routine stops to check for legal compliance and prevent the movement of contraband and illegal items.

Gen. Marbil called upon all police officers to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and community engagement during these operations.

“Our goal is to protect and serve the public with integrity and dedication. We must work hand in hand with our communities to create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure,” he said.

At the same time, he also highlighted the importance of community cooperation and encouraged citizens to support these efforts by reporting suspicious activities and providing feedback on the effectiveness of the patrols.

Abalos expressed his full support to the PNP chief’s directives.

“The safety and security of our citizens is our top priority. I commend the PNP for their commitment to enhancing police presence and ensuring swift response to incidents. This collaborative effort between the police and the community is essential in maintaining peace and order,” he said.