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State workers who become witnesses in admin, criminal cases can avail of automatic leave of absence — CSC

January 13, 2022 Joel dela Torre 636 views

ANY state worker who may have been called as a witness in an administrative or criminal case are excused and considered not absent from their duty.

According to the Civil Service Commission (CSC), those who will appear in hearings as prosecution witnesses can avail of automatic leave of absence covered under agency rules.

Resolution 20000897 defines automatic leave of absence as a leave that government workers may avail of should they qualify as a government employee-witness regardless of his/her status and length of service.

The resolution took effect 15 days after it was published on December 10, 2021.

To qualify for leave, the concerned worker should notify the head of his/her agency of his intent to avail such (automatic leave) after being called and identified as witness for the prosecution of a pending case.

The CSC allows worker-witness to go on leave being at risk of harassment or even his/her life or limb may be put in danger.

The concerned government employee should also execute an affidavit of his testimony relevant to the pending case.

He or she should also show proof of becoming a witness by attaching the notices being recommended by either the prosecution or the hearing officer.

According to the CSC, if these conditions are met, then the automatic leave will be granted to the concerned employee.