Squatting, homelessness

June 11, 2022 People's Tonight 135 views

THE incoming administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos J r. should “look deeper” into the problems of squatting and homelessness in the Philippines.

It is certainly lamentable that the number of squatters and homeless Filipinos continues to increase despite the government spending billions of pesos to address the twin problems.

Note that during elections, which are held every three years in the country, candidates and political party leaders promise to bring “heaven” to these unfortunate members of society.

The promised “heaven” is nowhere in sight months or even years after the elections, drawing jeers from the beleaguered people, notably the poorest of the poor across the country.

Today, however, Filipinos are hopeful the incoming administration of the only son and namesake of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos succeeds in addressing the two problems.

With the highly-articulate Bongbong Marcos in Malacanang, the government is seen to do something more effective regarding squatting, homelessness and poverty.

In the view of Marcos supporters and admirers, the new Chief Executive is in a position to stop the exodus of rural people to the already congsted Metropolitan Manila (MM).

Everybody agrees that the continued movement of “probinsiyanos” to MM, country’s premier region, will only worsen the problems of squatting and homelessness in the area.

This migration should be stopped if we are to address the problems confronting the prople living in Metro Manila, notably poverty, congestion, flooding and air pollution.

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