SPEEd announces nominees for 7th EDDYS

June 14, 2024 Ian F. Fariñas 364 views

EDDYS1EDDYS2EDDYS3The Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd) hosted the inaugural Nominees Announcement event for the 7th edition of The EDDYS (Entertainment Editors’ Choice) at Valencia Events Place in San Juan, with the proceedings streamed live on The Eddys Facebook Page.

Leading the Best Picture category are five exceptional films: About Us But Not About Us by The IdeaFirst Company, Octoberian Films and Quantum Films; Firefly by GMA Pictures and GMA Public Affairs; GomBurZa by Jesuit Communications, MQuest Ventures and CMB Film Services; Iti Mapukpukaw by Project 8, GMA News and Public Affairs and Terminal Six Post; and Mallari by Mentorque Productions and Clever Minds Inc.

The Best Actress category features a competitive lineup of standout performances, including Kathryn Bernardo in A Very Good Girl, Charlie Dizon in Third World Romance, Julia Montes in Five Breakups And A Romance, Marian Rivera in Rewind, Vilma Santos in When I Met You In Tokyo and Maricel Soriano in In His Mother’s Eyes.

For Best Actor, the contenders showcase a remarkable range of talent with Elijah Canlas for Keys to the Heart, Dingdong Dantes for Rewind, Cedrick Juan for GomBurZa, Piolo Pascual for Mallari, Alden Richards for Five Breakups And A Romance and Romnick Sarmenta for About Us But Not About Us.

In the Best Director category, the nominees are celebrated for their visionary storytelling: Derick Cabrido for Mallari, Pepe Diokno for GomBurZa, Zig Dulay for Firefly, Jun Robles Lana for About Us But Not About Us and Carl Joseph Papa for Iti Mapukpukaw.

The 7th edition of The Eddys is scheduled for July 7 at 7 p.m. in the Ceremonial Hall, Marriott Grand Ballroom at Newport World Resorts in Pasay City, with a delayed telecast on AllTV on July 14 at 10 p.m.

The film event will once again be directed by award-winning actor and filmmaker Eric Quizon, who directed the 6th edition of The Eddys last year.

Brightlight Productions will serve as the line producer for the awards night.

In collaboration with Newport World Resorts, AllTV, and Sound Check, SPEEd will present The 7th EDDYS with Globe Telecom as a major sponsor.

The film event is also supported this year by Beautéderm by Rhea-Anicoche Tan, Unilab, Camille Villar, former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, and Echo Jham Entertainment.

Completing the nominees list are: 


Dolly de Leon (Keys to the Heart)
Alessandra de Rossi (Firefly)
Gloria Diaz (Mallari)
Gladys Reyes (Apag)
Ruby Ruiz (Langitngit)


Enchong Dee (GomBurZa)
Keempee de Leon (Here Comes The Groom)
Nanding Josef (Oras de Peligro)
Roderick Paulate (In His Mother’s Eyes)
JC Santos (Mallari)


Angeli Atienza (Firefly)
Jun Robles Lana (About Us But Not About Us)
Carl Joseph E. Papa (Iti Mapukpukaw)
Rodolfo Vera, Pepe Diokno (GomBurZa)
Enrico Santos (Mallari)


Neil Daza (Firefly)
Kara Moreno (Kampon)
Juan Lorenzo “Pao” Orendain (Mallari)
Shayne Sarte (When I Met You In Tokyo)
Noel Teehankee (A Very Good Girl)


Ferdie Abuel (5 Breakups and A Romance)
Mariel Hizon (Mallari)
Ericson Navarro (GomBurZa)
Fedeyo Tagayon, Reynaldo Peru (When I Met You In Tokyo)
Kenneth Kelvin Villanueva (Firefly)


Lawrence S. Ang (About Us But Not About Us)
Benjamin Tolentino (A Very Good Girl)
Benjamin Tolentino (GomBurZa)
Benjamin Tolentino (Iti Mapukpukaw)
Noel Tonga, Nelson Villamor (Mallari)


Teresa Barrozo (Becky & Badette)
Teresa Barrozo (GomBurZa)
Teresa Barrozo (Iti Mapukpukaw)
Von de Guzman (Mallari)
Vincent de Jesus (Third World Romance)


Lamberto Casas Jr., Alexis Tomboc (Iti Mapukpukaw)
Melvin Q. Rivera, Louie Boy Bauson (GomBurZa)
Sound 22 (When I Met You In Tokyo)
Mien Sparks (Rewind)
Immanuel Verona, Nerrika Salim (Mallari)


Ryan Grimarez, Macky Rayanon, Tawong-Lipod Creative Studio (Shake, Rattle & Roll Extreme)
Gaspar Mangarin (Mallari)
John Kenneth Paclibar (Kampon)
Carlos Joseph E. Papa, Eru Petrasanta, Christela Marquez, Matthew Erickson Echague et al. (Iti Mapukpukaw)
Reality MM Studios Inc. (Firefly)


Finggah Lickin’ (Becky and Badette)
Pag-ibig na Sumpa (Mallari)
Patawad Inay (In His Mother’s Eyes)
Sa Duyan ng Bayan (GomBurZa)
Sa Yakap Mo (Family Of Two: A Mother and Son Story).