Speaker Romualdez urges Pinoys to support introduction of Tagalog course in Harvard

September 17, 2023 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 211 views

SPEAKER Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez on Sunday urged Filipinos to support the introduction of Tagalog course in Harvard University’s academic offerings, reiterating it is a great source of national pride.

Stressing that Tagalog serves as a bridge to understanding the country’s diverse linguistic landscape, Speaker Romualdez said this is a very proud moment for Filipinos.

“More importantly, I’d like to redirect our attention to the significant milestone achieve–the introduction of the Filipino language course at Harvard.

This is a remarkable acknowledgment of our culture and heritage on a global platform,” Speaker Romualdez said.

“As mentioned by Mr. Jose Marco C. ‘Marcky’ Antonio II ’25, co-president of the Harvard Undergraduate Philippine Forum, our focus should be on celebrating this achievement,” Speaker Romualdez, leader of the 311-strong House of Representatives, said.

“I firmly believe in promoting and preserving our Filipino identity, and this step by Harvard is a testament to that effort. Let’s embrace this moment of pride and unity for our country and our language,” he said.

In light of recent speculations regarding Speaker Romualdez alleged donation to Harvard University, he said “I choose to respect the institution’s gift policy.”

“Harvard has already communicated that they do not discuss the terms or specifics of individual gifts, and I stand by that principle,” Speaker Romualdez said.

Last April, Speaker Romualdez told Harvard University’s students during a gathering of the Filipino community in Massachusetts that the premier university’s Filipino language program was a great achievement for Filipinos.

Speaker Romualdez delivered a policy speech at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government last April before university officials, faculty members and students in Boston, Massachusetts about the future of the Philippines and United States alliance.

This was moderated by Mr. Eric Rosenbach, co-director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

“The teaching of Tagalog at Harvard University is a source of great national pride. The university is one of the top academic institutions in the world, if not the best.

Its programs are emulated or duplicated in other institutions of higher learning. Kaya naman proud na proud tayo sa development na ito,” Speaker Romualdez declared in April.

Harvard University, an illustrious academic institution that has produced eight US presidents and countless great leaders, has recently decided to include Tagalog in its course offerings, along with Bahasa Indonesia and Thai, according to the student paper Harvard Crimson.

Tagalog is the dialect on which the Filipino language is mostly based. It is the fourth most spoken language in the US, which is home to some 4.2 million Filipino-Americans.

“We express our gratitude to Harvard University for recognizing the need to teach the Filipino language to those interested in learning about our rich and diverse culture.

Once again, our country is in the spotlight of the world stage, and I have never been so proud to be a Filipino,” Speaker Romualdez said.