Sorteo ng Bayan launched in Carmona

February 20, 2022 Dennis Abrina 302 views

CARMONA, Cavite — The local government here launched the Sorteo ng Bayan 2022 on February 17, 2022.

The locality will commemorate their 165th founding anniversary on February 19 and will hold the Dahlia Zumba in the afternoon and fireworks display at night.

On February 20, 2022, a motorcade will be held in the morning. The raffle draw for the Sorteo ng Bayan 2022 will last until February 23, 2022.

The Carmona Municipal Government under Mayor Roy Loyola temporary deferred the Miss Sorteo 2022 beauty pageant; Golden Voice, Golden Melody;

Battle of the Bands; Dance Battle and Parade for the Sorteo Festival due to the pandemic and to keep every citizen of Carmona save from Covid-19.

The word Sorteo means to draw or raffle. The festival was started way back in 1861 or four years after the formation of Carmona.

Carmona was earlier called Barrio Latag. It was separated from its mother province in 1857.

The Sorteo lottery festival is the first of its kind in the country which is celebrated every three years. The festival stands unique and is one which has paved the way for realizing the rich tradition and culture of the town.

The festival was initially started as a means to create economic opportunity for farmers in the Spanish era. This has now grown great leaps to become the most celebrated festival among the Carmona folks.

The festival, originally known as Subasta de las Tierras Communales del Pueblo de Carmona, sees people coming from various communal lands. The Sorteo festival is more of a lottery to other
communal lands.

Folks from all major towns flock to Carmona for the Sorteo festival, dreaming of a chance to win a farm-land for three years straight. The enthralling event starts by listing out the family names taken out from a well decorated “tambiolo”.

The best part of the event follows this. The host blurts out the entire family history for the amusement of other folks. The raffle winners are given the freedom and choice to opt for
cash or hold an instant auction in case they do not wish to tilt their traditional land.