Redrico Maranan


October 6, 2023 Joel dela Torre 192 views

QUEZON City Police District director Brig. Gen. Redrico Maranan apologized to Vice President Sara Duterte and clarified that the recent controversy involving its traffic management operation was not in any manner related to politics.

Maranan said the VP was not the subject of the security measures taken during that time.

A video footage that went viral on social media showed a policeman stopping the flow of traffic on Commonwealth Avenue supposedly to give way for Duterte who was said to be passing that time.

In a statement, Maranan said; “The QCPD would like to address recent developments concerning traffic management and its implications, which have raised concerns and misconceptions among the public.”

Maranan said traffic management is an essential part of the security measures the police provide for VIPs including diplomats, elected government officials, state guests, and other personalities whose movements require the utmost security.

“It is crucial to emphasize that our approach to simple traffic management should remain free from political influence,” he added.

Maranan’s remarks came after the Office Vice President (OVP) on Thursday night called on the QCPD to investigate the matter, stressing that Duterte has nothing to do with it.

The OVP said Duterte was in Butuan City to attend a National Teachers’ Day event on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the police officer was only identified as a certain Sgt. Pantallano has been relieved from his post, according to QCPD Police Station (PS) 14 commander Lt. Col. May Genio.

“I have ordered the relief of my policeman and put him under investigation to determine administrative liability for his actions. We assure the public that this incident will not happen again,” Genio said in a statement issued by the QCPD PS 14.

It appears that the policeman overreacted when he stopped the traffic for a few minutes, because of misleading information he overheard,” she added.

Genio said Pantallano mistakenly heard the word “VP” hence, he decided to clear the traffic as a sign of courtesy and security. Joel dela Torre with PNA reports