Some Bizarre Alien Encounters and the Sea

August 2, 2022 People's Tonight 824 views

UFO1The UFO phenomenon and reports of supposed alien encounters sometimes seem to be everywhere. These cases seem to stretch beyond generations and beyond locations. They happen in rural areas, urban areas, in the jungles, swamps, and mountains, it seems nowhere is out of reach for some major bizarreness to go down.

Here we will look at some very odd reports of alien encounters made on or by the sea, which has been a hotbed of UFO weirdness for years. Talking to my frequent contact and friend, UFO researcher Albert Rosales, I have been fortunate to come into some very strange and more obscure such reports that he has graciously provided to me. A very early such report hailing from the very dawn of public consciousness on the matter of UFOs comes to us from the year 1947, when UFOs weren’t even really yet a thing in the public eye.

One evening in the summer of that year, fishermen working in the Mediterranean Sea around 20 miles south of Malta were pulling up their nets when they came across an otherworldly sight. As they dragged in the nets they noticed something in the water not far from their boat, which they thought looked somewhat like a large submarine. The frightened fishermen started their boat’s engine and made preparations to get out of there, and at that moment the submarine allegedly lit up so brightly that it was as if it were daytime. As the startled men looked on, they claimed that “little men” about the same size as a 10-year old child started scrambling from within the object out onto the deck of the craft, each one of them wearing some sort of mechanical apparatus around its waist.

These little beings then walked around the deck for a few minutes before entering once again, after which the “submarine” began to glow so brightly that it was blinding and the fishermen had to look away. After this, it submerged beneath the waves and disappeared to never be seen again.From the 1960s, on June 3 1966, two boys by the names of James and Michael Harkins were with another boy at the beach at Cape Canaveral, Florida, when they saw what they described as “a rocket or jet” come down to dive into the sea, and they then noticed two men wearing glass encased helmets, gray suits, and what looked like scuba tanks on their backs. When these strange figures noticed the boys, they apparently dove into the water and swam very quickly to enter a “round white thing” in the water, which then sped off to a larger “strange vessel” just offshore that bore a gray star and the letters “HU HR PS RED.”

The object had windows through which the boys could see other helmeted figures moving around within, and shortly after the two suited figures entered, it rapidly submerged out of sight. What was this thing? Who knows?

The 1970s have several odd cases. On June 27, 1970, in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Mr. and Mrs. Aristeu Nazare Machado, their 5 daughters, their neighbor Mr. Joao Aguiar, and an unnamed policeman all witnessed a large, metallic disk-shaped object floating on the surface of the sea about just off shore with number of lights on it that glowed in sequence, green, yellow, and red, and within they could clearly see two humanoids wearing helmets and bright gray aluminum colored overalls. The object then took off across the water at great speed, leaving a “ring on the sea like a stabilizer.” The strange craft rapidly skidded out over the water leaving a wake behind, and then suddenly rose into the air and sped off out of sight as a hexagonal shaped appendage retracted into it.

When the witnesses looked to where it had originally been floating, they noticed “a white hoop-shaped object” that submerged and then resurfaced again, after which a yellow oval section separated from it that moved off across the water. The hoop-shaped object then did a series of strange maneuvers in the sea before heading off in the direction of Gavea. Police apparently did a search of the area and found a “red cylinder” in the water that they whisked away, although it is unclear what this was or what became of it.A more spectacular account comes from 1976, in Caspian Sea, in Russia. On this day, a man named D. Shabalin was out by the shore when he claims he was approached by “tall humanoid looking aliens, more than 2 meters in height, and dressed in shiny tight-fitting metallic suits.” These two bizarre entities then apparently took him aboard a UFO that was shaped like “3 interconnected dumbbells,” and put him into a chair that seemed to paralyze him.

The craft then plunged deep down into the sea to travel to a submerged “artificial habitat,” where the aliens communicated telepathically with him and allegedly said:You are in the hands of those whom earthlings call the source of ‘dark forces”; on the bottom of this earthly ocean is located one of our 6 research centers.What does this even mean? Shabalin would claim that the aliens had told him many more things down there, but that his memory had been mostly wiped when they returned him to shore. What was going on here? In the year 1989 there was a wave of strange encounters reported from Spain. On September 29 1989, five witnesses were at the beach in Los Bateles, Conil de la Frontera, Spain, when they saw out on the water a luminous object and a red light that appeared to be exchanging signals with each other through a light show. They then noticed two very tall figures with large white hairless heads and wearing loose fitting white monk like outfits standing by the water edge.

These figures seemed to be looking out to sea at the bright red light, and as they did, there was a bright flash from the object, and a small luminous sphere shot towards the figures and disappeared. So far, so weird, but it gets even stranger.After this light had vanished, the figures sat down in the sand and began digging around them as if searching for something. One of them seemed to produce a small bright blue sphere and both figures seemed to pass it along to each other several times, during which time one of the witnesses saw a “gigantic figure wearing a black tight-fitting outfit with a large white pear-shaped head” materialize near the two figures, after which it then vanished. Oddly, the other witnesses did not see this new entity at the time.

As the two figures passed that little blue light back and forth, their appearance changed, and they began to morph into two normal looking humans, one a man and the other a woman, after which they hurried off towards town. When the couple was gone, that giant black clad figure with the pear-shaped head appeared out of a cloud by the water, and all of the witnesses saw it this time, watching on in fear and confusion as it hovered above the ground to shoot off over the water. Just a few hours later on that very same day, a husband and wife, a Antonia Duran and Jose Antonio Serrano, were taking a stroll by the water when they saw two very tall figures around 2 meters in height and wearing “tight-fitting leather diving suits” walking towards them. When they passed, they seemed to ignore the couple, who could now see that their “diving suits” were perfectly smooth and that they had unusually long legs and arms and faces that were “pale with sharp features” and very Nordic in appearance. These two very tall mysterious strangers leisurely walked right on by and headed towards town. Another report from the same day comes from musicians M. Alvarez and F. Cote, who decided to take a walk along the beach after performing live at a nearby club and noticed two very tall figures with huge inverted pear-shaped heads, who bizarrely seemed to disappear and then appear at different locations as if teleporting around.

The two men watched these figures for nearly an hour before they suddenly vanished into thin air. Are these cases on the same day all connected? What was going on here? It is all so utterly bizarre that it hard to know what to make of it all.Perhaps the weirdest report of all comes to us from the area of Partenit, Crimea, in Ukraine, where on August 2, 2004 a young man named Andrey Alexandrovich Zabava was out at the seaside at Cape Plaka, along with several tourists from Russia and Poland. At some point they noticed a strange object floating out above the sea, which seemed to be heading towards the nearby Ayu-Dug mountain. As it did, it passed by near the witnesses, and Rosales writes of the appearance of the craft and what happened next:

When the object approached Andrey could discern an elongated rhomb-shaped form, clearly outlined by rows of lights. Four bright emerald green lights were positioned at the four corners of the craft, numerous red lights were running along its edges and constantly blinking in a clock-wise direction and large bright yellow-green lights were located at the center of the bottom of the craft, while four blue lights were positioned around it in a cross shape. This magnificent craft had several dimly lit yellowish windows along its top section, when the craft as its closest, Andrey felt a stream of hot air emanating from it. While the UFO passed along the seashore, Andrey noticed that all electric lights along the banks of sea blinked out simultaneously as if there had been some type of power interruption.

UFO3The craft then approached Ayu-Dug and seemed to dissolve into thin air, at this point it had been flying at a very low altitude. Immediately after, a bright beam of light appeared from the seashore and began searching the sky and scanning the water, apparently frontier guards had been alerted to the presence of the strange craft. Andrey also noticed that his friend Vitya’s watch had stopped when the craft passed directly overhead. At around 0300A Andrey noticed bright yellow flashes of light at the top of the mountain, resembling fireworks or explosions.

Soon a total of 8 groups of objects zoomed out of the mountain the next 15minutes and flew away towards the southwest and eastwards towards Novorossiysk.They then noticed what looked like a strange elderly woman on the rocks nearby, although they could not clearly see the face, dressed in a long grayish loose-fitting garment completely covering her legs and head and with a hood covering her head. She purportedly spoke to them, saying, “Sons Don’t tell anybody down there about what you have seen, they will not understand,” and the men thought she was just some crazy old lady out by the sea. They ignored her and began talking amongst themselves, but things would then get very weird. Rosales writes:Several seconds later Andrey turned around again and the woman had disappeared into thin air.

There was only a sharp rock outcrop and no place to hide. Agitated, the witnesses searched for the “nun” everywhere but did not find anything. So they continued to their descent from the rock when suddenly Vitya screamed pointing to the water near one of the Partenit’s piers. There they saw another humanoid entity, very tall, about 2-3 meters in height, dressed in a tight-fitting suit, dark blue in color, like a spacesuit, which covered completely its body, it had a helmet, which was attached directly to the suit. A yellow rectangular “window” was positioned in the face area, but the facial features were not visible.

The entity was standing in the water up to the waist and looking at the embankment and houses on the shore. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, after several seconds of observation the alien figure simply dissolved into thin air. The stunned witnesses descended to the hamlet in a very agitated state. In the pier they spoke to an old sea captain named “Jora” that reported experiencing problems with his electronic equipment onboard his cutter on several occasions recently.It is all pretty surreal to be sure. Rosales notes that the mountain has long been considered to be the location of an alien base, and that these craft regularly go out over and even into the sea.

What are we dealing with in such cases? What did these people see and what does it all mean? They are certainly bizarre, even surreal cases that we will probably never have answers to, and they add to the pile of all the other very weird UFO and humanoid encounters out there.Many thanks to Albert Rosales for these fascinating reports