Dalipe Zamboanga City Rep. Manuel Jose “Mannix” M. Dalipe

Solon: P100 wage hike too small

February 25, 2024 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 94 views

HOUSE Majority Leader and Zamboanga City Rep. Manuel Jose “Mannix” M. Dalipe reiterated Sunday that the House leadership is studying House Members’ proposals for a P150 to P350 per day legislated wage increase, surpassing the P100 hike recently passed by the Senate.

Dalipe said the House of Representatives, as the voice of the people, recognizes the dire situation of Filipino workers who are grappling with the adverse effects of inflation and decreased purchasing power due to the global fiscal crisis and conflicts.

“Our workers are enduring tough times, and as their representatives, it is imperative that we find substantial solutions to alleviate their financial burdens,” Dalipe pointed out.

Dalipe said Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez has tasked the House leadership to identify effective methods to enhance workers’ take-home pay, including a legislated wage hike or revisions to the regional wage board mechanism.

Furthering this directive, Dalipe said the House Committee on Labor and Employment is poised to prioritize the examination of pending legislative measures concerning wage increases. This includes the proposal put forth by Deputy Speaker Raymund Mendoza, which calls for a P150 across-the-board wage increase.

“The urgency of these discussions highlights the House’s dedication to timely and impactful legislative action,” the Majority Leader stressed.

Dalipe also shared that a consensus among House members suggests that the P100 wage hike recently approved by the Senate might not sufficiently meet the needs of the workers.

The House members, he said, advocate for a more considerable increase, recommending a study for a legislated wage hike ranging from P150 to P350 per day. This range, they argue, would more appropriately address the significant decline in workers’ real wages and their diminishing purchasing power.

While appreciating the efforts of the Senate, Dalipe noted that the House Members express concern that a mere P100 increase falls short of the mark.

“While any increase is a step in the right direction, we must ensure that our legislative actions truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of our workers, particularly when considering the substantial challenges faced by the business sector, especially micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises,” he explained.

Dalipe said the House recognizes the delicate balance between supporting workers and ensuring business sustainability, adding that “with MSMEs constituting a significant portion of the Philippine economy, the potential repercussions of wage increases on employment rates and business viability are not taken lightly.”

Dalipe stressed the importance of comprehensive stakeholder consultation to ensure that any wage increase is beneficial and sustainable for all parties involved.

“The Congress is not just about passing laws quickly without thorough consideration. We are committed to enacting legislation that is both practical and beneficial for the long term,” he stated.

Finally, the Majority Leader highlighted the broader perspective of economic enhancement through inviting foreign investment.

“Opening the Philippine economy to foreign investors can lead to greater economic vitality, better jobs, and higher wages for our people,” he remarked, emphasizing the need for holistic approaches to improve the national economy and the living standards of its workers.