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SJDM execs say more bgys means better services

March 28, 2023 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 165 views

SAN Jose del Monte (SJDM) City Representative Florida Robes and San Jose del Monte City Mayor Arthur Robes have hailed the outcome of a plebiscite in this city to establish four more barangays in the city.

Rep. Robes, chair of the House Committee on Good Government, said that the establishment of the four barangays spells better services for the people.

“This is a step towards development in terms of delivery of basic services to the newly formed barangays,” the SJDM City representative said.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) last week conducted a plebiscite among the 43,771 registered voters in Barangay Muzon, of which 13,322 voted, or a 30.44% voter turnout.

Of the 13,322 voters, 12,324 or 92.51% voted “Yes” to divide the barangay into four, namely: Barangay Muzon Proper, Barangay Muzon East, Barangay Muzon West, and Barangay Muzon South. Only 969, or 7.27% voted “No.”

Barangay Muzon, in 2020, has a population of 127,506.

For Mayor Robes, the division of Barangay Muzon into four barangays means “better delivery of services” to the people.

“Mas mabuti ito sa taumbayan dahil liliit yung nasasakupan ng maglilingkod sa kanila,” Mayor Robes said in a radio interview.

“Ibig sabihin, dati isang kapitan lang sa ganoong kalaking populasyon, sa ganun kalakaing lugar… eh ngayon mahahati mo sa apat,” the mayor pointed out.

The mayor explained that the barangay officials and employees, in this case, could concentrate more on delivering services in a small constituency.

“Mas makakapag-concentrate yung mga barangay officials and employees doon sa maliit na nasasakupan ng isang barangay,” Mayor Robes said.

Rep. Robes, on the occasion of Women’s Month, saw the move as “a fresh opportunity” to help her constituents, particularly the women of San Jose del Monte.

“As a woman legislator, I also give special attention and care to the women of San Jose Del Monte, empowering them in the process. My project ‘Tindahan Ni Maria’ provides women with additional capital that will eventually give them sustainable livelihood as entrepreneurs,” Rep. Robes said.

She said these new barangays may well be the beneficiaries of her congressional project like the “One Like For Life Project,” which is aimed at improving the mental health of the city’s youngsters.

“Students are our future leaders, our hope. As a leader, it is also my duty to make sure that their mental health is taken care of. So we always have counselors that will be there to talk to them, to help them, and to give them counsel through my One Like For Life Project,” she said.

In tandem with her mental healthcare program, the lawmaker also underscored the importance of physical health. She said the “Kusina Ni Ate Rida” has been ongoing for years in the city to ensure that San Joseños do not get hungry.

“Our beloved city of San Jose Del Monte is dubbed as the ‘rising city.’ As the city rises to new heights, we, the people, with special emphasis on women, also rise,” Cong. Robes concluded.