Anarna Silang Mayor Alston Kevin Anarna recently signed an executive order creating the Local Heritage, Arts and Culture Council of Silang to ‘catalyze’ local tourism development programs during the meeting with officials to boost tourism in Silang. Photo by Dennis Abrina

Silang creates heritage, arts, culture council to promote tourism

September 6, 2022 Dennis Abrina 1663 views

SILANG, Cavite – The local government here is now promoting the enrichment of tourism, which has been known as the “center” of ornamental plants for the past two years of the pandemic.

To develop and promote the municipality’s tourism, Mayor Alston Kevin Anarna signed an executive order creating the “Local Heritage, Arts and Culture Council of Silang” to serve as a program catalyst and bring vigor to tourism development.

Silang Tourism Council, led by local tourism officer Gino Asuncion and Municipal Information Office (MIO) chief Jed San Juan, and other designated individuals will be in charge of Silang’s tourism and culture sector, which is expected to give vitality to culture and local tourism.

In an interview with Asuncion, the main aim of Silang is to have its own title; if Bulacan has the “Garden Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio has the “Wedding Capital of the Philippines”, Amadeo (Cavite) the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines” – hopefully, Silang will offer something and can be “capital” of many things.

“Gusto ko pasukin ay ang ornamental plants, kase during the pandemic, sumikat ang Silang sa mga ‘plantitos and plantitas’ dahil mayroon tayong very expensive and exclusive plants na nandirito sa Silang,” Asuncion said.

“Arid and Aroids living gallery in Barangay Tartaria are one of the establishments here na matatagpuan ang most expensive plants in the Philippines worth around P1 million at may plant sila na survived a million years ago,” Asuncion added.

According to Asuncion, Silang will be having its own festival, like “Masskara Festival”, and will continue the “Sumilang Festival” with the Department of Tourism (DOT) accreditation.

The local government plans to make a month-long celebration with the help of Cory Quirino and other private establishments that will form a “Horticultural Exposition” with the objectives of promoting livelihood, updates on horticultural trends, and addressing food security.

Silang is a first-class, highly urbanized town in the province of Cavite, with an average climate great for farming and planting due to variations in elevation across the province, which has 64 villages and a population of 295,644 people, according to the 2020 census.

Silang mainly depends on the agricultural economy due to fertile soils, abundant water sources, and good climate or weather, so the agriculture and horticulture business here is very active.

The Cavite town is also known for Cabag Cave and the historic Nuestra Señora De Candelaria in town proper, known as the “oldest” retablo in the country.