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Sharon shocks self with new role

July 9, 2021 People's Journal 287 views

THE official trailer of Sharon Cuneta’s new film, ‘Revirginized’ released a week ago is the talk-of-town. Natulala ang lahat sa mala-pokpok na dialogue ng Megastar which refers to one’s” genitalia. Credit direk Darrly Yap for infusing a dose of titillating lines and for convincing the Megastar to mouth them.

Kahit si Sharon ay na-shock at hindi makapaniwalang nai-deliver niya ang mga linyang ‘yon.

Revirginized is about the transformation of Carmela, a lonely woman played by Sharon and her romantic encounter with a younger man, Marco Gumabao.

Listen to what Sharon has to say about her comeback film for Viva. “The trailer and the movie as a whole will shock you. But remember. This is just a movie. Just another role from any other roles you have seen me play. Please broaden your mind and enjoy it. Have fun. I have earned the right to try out a new role and tackle new challenge after 43 years as singer and actress.”

In so short a time, more than 5 million has viewed the trailer online. Do we smell part 2 coming up? Vivamax screening starts August 6.

Jayda makes it on her won

JAYDA Avanzado grew up watching her parents perform and it was then she decided to follow their footsteps. She sees nothing wrong to be associated with them. ‘But we should not be compared because we are so different. I have so much respect for what they have achieved and contributed to the music industry,” Jayda says. She is now a Kapamilya artist who is making it on her own.