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Sermonia gets S. Korea’s international award

February 21, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 228 views

THE South Korean government on Monday commended Philippine National Police Deputy Chief for Administration, Lieutenant General Rhodel O. Sermonia, for his major contribution to all PNP efforts to protect Korean tourists in the country while helping save the environment at the same time.

On Monday, the PNP’s no. 2 official received a plaque of appreciation from the Republic of Korea’s National Defense Committee chairman Lee Hun-Seung for winning the “Best International Award” for his significant contribution to environmental protection and community service.

The plaque was personally accepted by Sermonia from the Korean official at Korea’s National Assembly office in Seoul.

The official was cited among scores of foreign law enforcement officials who joined the international competition centering on preserving the global environment and sharing with those who suffer from the destruction of the world’s natural resources.

He also received an award from Yoon Sang-Hyun, the chairman of the 15th Korea Environmental Awards Committee, during their meeting at the same office.

Sermonia also paid a courtesy call to South Korea’s Deputy Speaker Chung Woo-Taik and Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Theresa Dizon de Vega to discuss matters of mutual concern.

During their talk, the official offered the help of the PNP leadership under General Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. in addressing peace and order concerns of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the country as well as the PNP’s program to address transnational crimes involving Filipino workers abroad including those in South Korea.

Sermonia also represented the PNP during a bilateral meeting on police cooperation with Korean National Police Agency officials led by Hyeong Se Lee, the Director General of Foreign Affairs of the KNPA.

The PNP’s 2nd-highest official was cited for the environmental programs he started when he was still the director of the Police-Community Relations Group, now known as the Police-Community Affairs Development Group.

The Korean Congress recognized the official’s “KALIGKASAN” program to protect the environment and for launching efforts to ensure the safety and protection of South Korean tourists and other foreigners visiting, doing business, or living in The Philippines.

Amb. De Vega, a former New York Consul General and ambassador in Europe, likewise commended the Global Peace Community Relations program launched by Sermonia, saying it has been recognized by South Korean businessmen who already have big business ventures in the country or are planning to invest more in The Philippines.