Sen. Raffy to continue helping poor

June 27, 2022 People's Tonight 704 views

THERE’S so much to learn.”

Thus stressed by neophyte Senator-elect Raffy Tulfo who admitted that he is still learning and grasping his new role as elected senator of the Philippines.

In a press briefing, Tulfo who is known for his staunch stand to defend the poor and the needy maintained that he will continue to serve the people and at the same time learn what needs to be learned.

He admitted that at present, he is really exerting all efforts to study many things about legislation and crafting laws that will help Filipino people from all walks of life.

Tulfo said he will not pretend to be an expert considering that he still needs to learn so many things in the Senate.

“Aminado po tayo na bilang bagito, dapat lamang tayo mag-aral pa at hindi mag marunong. ” Tulfo was quoted as saying.

The former TV Host turned senator said he already asked veteran senators for a few tips that can help him in his preparation.

“Walang masamang aminin na marami pa tayong dapat matutuhan at makakatulong ang ilan sa mga turo ng magagaleng natin na beterano,” he said.

He also admitted to hiring staff that can help him craft the right laws and the bills and resolutions which he thinks can help the country and the people. By CAMILLE P. BALAGTAS