Selfish interests

May 3, 2022 People's Tonight 108 views

FIVE days before judgment day, Filipinos fear the possible election of candidates who have absolutely no concern for the future of the people and the country.

The fear is valid in this impoverished Southeast Asian nation of poll-crazy people, where there are politicians who are only for the protection of their own selfish interests.

Admittedly, this is the problem that the country’s 67.5 million registered voters face when they go to the polls on Monday, May 9, to elect new government officials.

We support the view that if we are to fast-track the socio-economic development of the nation, the electorate ought to support dedicated national and local bets.

Of course, the people, through the registered voters, must guard against the election of “rotten eggs” and “crooks” masquerading as “well-meaning” politicians.

We are made to believe that the Filipino voters are now “politically mature” after years of allowing themselves to be “victimized” by unscrupulous politicians.

“Sa tingin natin ay matatalino na ang mga botante. Hindi na sila basta nagpapaniwala sa mga matatamis na pangako ng maraming politiko,” a new registered voter said.

We concede that due to grinding poverty, there are still vote sellers in various parts of the country.

Today, however, even the ordinary citizens, through the highly-influential social media, are now active in exposing the shenanigans and other irregularities in the government.

The “awakened” Filipino people now raise valid points that cannot be easily dismissed by erring public servants.

We are all for this.