February 24, 2024 People's Journal 118 views

Hontiveros to Quiboloy: No religious persecution, just scrutiny of misuse of beliefs

SENATOR Risa Hontiveros has reassured televangelist Apollo Quiboloy that the Senate investigation involving him and his Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) church isn’t about religious persecution but rather aims to scrutinize the alleged misuse of beliefs for heinous abuses.

“Hindi po ito religious persecution. Ito’y pagsisiyasat sa paggamit sa panininwala, pananalig, o pananampalataya ng iba para gumawa ng kasuklam-suklam na abuso at pinsala sa mga taong binaluktot ang paniniwala,” Hontiveros said in a press conference.

The senator’s remarks came amid Quiboloy’s refusal to participate in the Senate probe into allegations of human trafficking, rape, and sexual and physical abuse within KOJC, raising concerns and drawing criticism for what some perceive as an attempt to evade accountability.

Hontiveros’ assertion aims to clarify the intent of the investigation and dispel any misconceptions that it is an assault on religious liberties.

The senator chairs the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality that is currently looking into allegations of human trafficking, rape, and sexual and physical abuse within KOJC.

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri has already signed the subpoena compelling Quiboloy to attend the committee’s third hearing scheduled on March 5.

The Department of Justice is also expected to issue an immigration lookout bulletin order against Quiboloy in view of the ongoing Senate probe.

According to the Bureau of Immigration, Quiboloy is still in the Philippines as there are no records of him departing the country for China, contrary to earlier reports.