SC issues revised guidelines for examinees using laptops during Bar exams

January 24, 2022 Hector Lawas 105 views

THE Supreme Court will allow examinees for the 2020-2021 Bar examinations scheduled on February 4 and February 6 to keep their review materials in their laptop computers.

However, in Bar Bulletin No. 35, S. 2022, the SC said reviewers should be saved in local folders and not downloadable from cloud storage.

“Once done with the security and health check, examinees may open their laptops to access their files for any last-minute studying. Examinees may also review their own files during lunch breaks.

For local testing centers with assigned lunch areas, examinees may bring their laptops there; for those that allow eating inside the testing rooms, examinees may use their laptops inside to review, “ stated the bulletin signed by 2020-2021 Bar exams chairperson Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

The high court warned the examinees that it shall not be liable in case they spilled something onto their laptops or damaged it in some other manner, rendering it unusable for the succeeding exams.

According to the SC, examinees shall also not be allowed to avail of the back-up computers should such a situation arise.

“In any event, examinees must close all reviewers and other law-related files 30 minutes before the first bell (7:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m.) rings,” the SC said.

The SC added that examinees are prohibited from sharing their computers or computer files.

Also, during the entire examinations and within the premises of the Bar Examinations, no examinee should be less than 2 meters from any other human being.

Those who will violate the rule may face disciplinary action.

Unless authorized, examinees are still prohibited from connecting to the internet at all times. It will only ever be accessed inside the testing room, at the proctors’ signal, for downloading questionnaires and uploading answer files.

“Attempting to connect to the internet while inside the premises of the local testing center, other than to download the examination file and to submit the answer file, shall be considered cheating,” the SC said.

Examinees are prohibited from using their laptops for social media once they enter the premises and are prohibited from bringing iPads, tablets, or other gadgets which will be confiscated by security.

“Examinees should not abuse this policy. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone who will be caught violating these rules will be automatically disqualified from the 2020/21 Bar Examinations and future bar examinations,” the SC warned. “No second chances will be given for any breach of the Honor Code.