San Marino Pushes to Become the World’s UFO Headquarters

January 20, 2022 People's Tonight 212 views

Paul Seaburn January 18, 2022

Trivia buffs will know that Italy contains two other countries within its boundaries – the famous Vatican City and the not-so-famous San Marino. The Most Serene Republic of San Marino is located in northeastern Italy, has a population of over 33,000, and is led by two equal heads of state known collectively as Captains Regent. The current Captains Regent may make San Marino more famous than Italy or Vatican City as they recently approved allowing the country to make a historic United Nations request to host periodic UFO/UAP conferences.

San MarinoSan Marino’s Mount Titan castle

“On January 12, 2022, in fact, an important meeting took place in San Marino. Dr. Roberto Pinotti and Dr. Augusto Casali were received by the Most Excellent Captains Regent [Capitani Reggenti], the Heads of State of the Republic of San Marino. The object of the cordial meeting, which lasted over an hour, was the presentation of the Titano Project to the highest authorities of the Republic.”

The meeting was announced by Paolo Guizzardi, creator and project manager of Project Titan (Titano Project) – named for Mount Titano, the highest peak in San Marino. Roberto Pinotti is the President of the Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN) of Italy, President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), the UFO organizations behind the project, and former editor of UFO magazine. Pinotti is also the author of “UFO Contacts In Italy: Volume One : 1907 – 1978” which contains photos he claims are of real extraterrestrials that landed in Francavillia, Italy, starting in 1956. Augusto Casali is San Marino’s former Minister of Tourism who previously helped hold a series of International Symposia on Unidentified Flying Objects under the auspices of the San Marino government.

“Dr. Pinotti then gave a clear picture of the latest developments of the situation in the USA that sees the full “clearance” of the UAP phenomenon, making it clear that the only reasonably foreseeable obstacle that could have had negative repercussions for San Marino was now overcome.”

According to Guizzardi, the Captains Regent were impressed with the presentation and like the idea of San Marino and Mount Titan becoming the new “Geneva of UFOs.” The next step is for Francesco Mussoni and Giacomo Simoncini, the current Captains Regent, to the Grand and General Council, San Marino’s legislative body, for approval. (They need to do this quickly because they only serve six month terms as Captains Regent). Since this is an international program, Guizzardi says the proposal would then be presented to the United Nations for a preliminary examination, discussion and ultimately a vote by the General Assembly.

GenevaI didn’t know there was another Geneva.

Project Titan obviously has two purposes – to tap into the rising interest of UFOs around the world by becoming a center for international meetings, and to use that publicity to turn it into a tourist attraction. It obviously has a high-powered and highly experienced UFO research team behind it. However, Pinotti points out that this was tried once before in 1978 by Sir Eric Gairy, then Prime Minister of Grenada, who made a similar proposal to the UN which was shut down by the UK.

Will San Marino become the “Geneva of UFOs”? Let’s hope so. It beats Area 51 in the summer.