‘Sam Concepcion, Janine Teñoso, Katrina Velarde and Darryl Ong topbill ‘Four Hearts’ digital concert’

August 5, 2021 People's Journal 278 views

A FOUR-star concert fit for these pandemic times.

Viva Live presents “Four Hearts” — a digital concert set to feature four of the most talented music artists in the Pinoy pop music scene today.

For the first time Sam Concepcion, Janine Teñoso, Katrina Velarde and Daryl Ong will be together in one concert. And not just any show, “Four Hearts” is a digitally streamed event to keep up with the pandemic times.

Recall that so far, during this more-than-a-year-long pandemic, Viva Live has produced the Sarah Geronimo “Tala” digital concert and the “Rico Blanco Songbook: Musical Stories by Rico Blanco” streaming special.

All four, pop stars in their own right, have shared history. Katrina Velarde and Daryl Ong are long time friends. Both are known to hang out together outside of work. Daryl was actually present when Katrina tied the knot early this year. Velarde and Ong also recorded and released a song last year titled “Love Me Now.” Janine Teñoso and Sam Concepcion have likewise recorded music together. In fact, Sam Concepcion is recently featured in Janine’s EP on a duet called “Umibig Muli.” Concepcion returned the favor of singing on Janine’s song after Teñoso sang one of the theme songs on a movie Sam starred in (“Indak”).

Directed by Paolo Valenciano, the “FOUR HEARTS” digital concert is scheduled on August 28, 2021 at 8pm. The platform in which it can be viewed is on KTX for Philippine audiences and on the IWANTFC and TFC IPTV platforms for audiences on other territories. Ticket prices are Php 999 for KTX or USD 19.99 for IWANTTFC and TFC IPTV.

For inquiries, call Viva Live at (+632) 8687-7236 or ( 63908)814-4601.