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Russia in Ukraine: An embarrassment for the West

March 28, 2022 Paul M. Gutierrez 287 views

PaulIT HAS been over a month since Russia launched its military incursion into Eastern Ukraine last February 24, 2022.

And no matter how the Western media and governments headed by the United States tried to fool the world into believing that Russian troops are committing horrific crimes in the areas that are the target of their attacks—killings of innocent civilians, bombings of hospital, widespread damage, etc., etc.— the concrete facts of the situation in Ukraine simply do not conform with the “reality” that Western propaganda has been dishing out.

Indeed, Russia’s military actions is more “humane” in character compared to the military actions taken by US and NATO where the intention is to indeed put their target countries back to the Stone Age. Just take a look at Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya; in Europe, of what they did to the former Yugoslavia.

CGTN, China’s global television network, daily has a video feed on the situation in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and the “odd” thing that greets any viewer is the calmness of the surrounding areas. In other words, despite its self-inflicted war, life, in its ordinary way, continues for most Ukrainians.

Of course, in areas that have been the targets of Russian attacks, there have been widespread devastations—flattened and demolished buildings, flood of refugees, etc.

What was not mentioned by the Western press—who should be ashamed for calling for a wider war instead of advocating for peace– was that even in areas occupied by Russian forces, power, water and even Internet services are still functioning and yes, in Kyiv, life remains normal for most people.

One wonders then, what would the situation be had it been NATO or US that is behind the assault on Ukraine?

If we go by the standards that they established in the countries they invaded such as Iraq and Libya, the people there would have been living now in buildings turned into rubbles and caves, without power, water and a functioning government.

This is a comparison that has now drawn the attention of a lot of people all over the world as it shows that compared to Western Armies, Russia’s military is more disciplined, civilized and humane.

For all the labeling against Russia and Pres. Putin as ‘The Barbarian,’ the scale of the destruction his forces have been inflicting on select areas of Ukraine would pale in comparison to the scale of destruction the West has inflicted on Iraq, Libya and Yugoslavia.

These are all now classified as “failed states” that would take generations to rebuild, if at all.

For insofar as Western Imperialism is concerned, everything and anything are targets for their bombing campaigns in the countries they invaded with no thought about tomorrow or the future or the cost to human lives and human suffering.

As more factual details of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine get revealed in the coming days, more and more people would come to the conclusion that Russia’s actions should shame the Western powers into putting a sense of humanity and a sense of limit in their own military conduct.