Ruffa denies rumors about her and Herbert

April 26, 2022 Mario Bautista 429 views

Ruffa1RUFFA Gutierrez launches her own lifestyle brand, Gutz & Glow, complete with products specially made to suit her preference as a woman-on-the-go. Ruffa is one of our well loved beauty queen-actresses who is definitely of showbiz royalty. She surely knows how to live a fast-paced life in the eye of the public. From doing photoshoots to TV shows and movies, she knows that she needs to create a lifestyle brand that would help her seamlessly go through her hectic activities with ease and confidence. And she now does this through Gutz and Glow.

“Ever since I was young, I have always known what I wanted when it comes to products I use.” she says. “They must be effective, gentle and affordable so that people will be able to accept and embrace them as part of their lives.”

She’s currently a regular in “It’s Showtime” and having a daily show can be quite demanding. “I came up with a lifestyle brand because our times have evolved, so our needs have also changed.

Coming up with a beauty line alone is not enough. So, lifestyle brands like Gutz and Glow represent who I am. I handpicked each product and they all have the personal touch and feel of Ruffa- my preference, my needs everyday.”

Ruffa carries with confidence the lineup of products under her own lifestyle brand, including Butt and Body Scrub, Disinfectant Hand Soap, Feminine Lightening Spray Mist, Luminous Hand Cream, Lustrous Hand Sanitizer, Blazing Hand Sanitizer, Makeup Remover Wipes and Intimate Feminine Wipes.

All of these products were made from the freshest and finest functional ingredients and antioxidants, infused with superior technology to realize Ruffa’s vision. Yes, she was very hands-on every step of the way- from choosing which will be included in her line, to the scent, look and feel of each product.

She made sure that Gutz and Glow represents the Ruffa Gutierrez that everyone has learned to love, plus her sultry side that the public doesn’t get to see very often.

With Gutz and Glow, Ruffa is set to revolutionize the way most of us take care of ourselves and how we can maximize our potentials inside and out.

Ruffa is working hard as she’s a single mom to two lovely teeners. Her eldest, Lorin, is currently a freshman at Pepperdine University in California. Her youngest, Venice, is graduating from high school next at the British School Manila. “They’ll both be in college soon so working hard talaga ako to make sure that I can give them a good future,” she adds.

Lately, she’s been the subject of many rumors saying she’s already gotten married to Senatoriable Herbert Bautista and pregnant with twins. “I know so many titos and tita made me their favorite topic at parties and dinner table. Once and for all, I want to say I never got married, I’m not pregnant with twins, I didn’t have a miscarriage and I never admitted to having a boyfriend. Everyone can now take a chill pill.”