Romero pushes creation of DOS

August 8, 2022 Randolph S. Flores 397 views

NOTING the “dull” state of Philippine sports, 1-Pacman Party-list Representative Mikee Romero is pushing for the creation of the Department of Sports (DOS) to address various challenges and inadequacies in the sports programs and development in the country.

“It is now high time for the government to prioritize sports in the national agenda and consider sports as an integral factor in nation building,” Romero stressed.

Romero said House Bill (HB) No. 335 seeks to create the Department of Sports or DOS, a Cabinet-level entity, that would lead the implementation of policies on the promotion and development of the country’s sports and health fitness programs.

The DOS would be responsible for promulgating policies that would help the country improve its performance in international competition.

It would also be tasked to find solutions to the problems besetting Philippine sports, including the lack of comprehensive national sports programs, the need to enhance the partnership with various sectors involved in sports, obsolete training methods, and lack of modern and high-quality training facilities, equipment and sports venues.

“The seeming deterioration of Philippine sports must be addressed, for there was a time that our athletes were considered serious contenders in any sporting events we participated in, but unfortunately, those times had passed,” Romero added.

Romero is “dissatisfied” with the performance of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). He said that the PSC seems to “fail” in living up to its mandate of providing leadership, formulating policies, and setting the development, particularly emphasizing grassroots participation.

He said the PSC also came short in encouraging wide participation among private and government sectors in amateur sports promotion and development and supplementing government appropriations for the progress and growth of sports in the country.