Rogue cops

September 20, 2023 People's Tonight 296 views

PRESIDENT Marcos, time and again, has underscored the importance of integrity, accountability and honesty in restoring the people’s trust and confidence in the governent.

That’s why nobody was surprised when Mr. Marcos hit hard at erring officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

President Marcos said there would be no room for leniency for officials who engage in acts that tarnish the reputation of the agency and jeopardize the safety of the people.

The Chief Executive made the statement during the oath-taking of of newly-promoted star rank officers of the PNP in a ceremony held at the Heroes Hall of Malacanang last Monday.

He reminded the police generals to keep their integrity at all times, adding “let us work together towards ushering a truly safe, just and prosperous Philippines for every Filipino.”

The people, he said, are expecting the police officials to develop a police force that is capable, professional, responsive to the needs of the community that it serves.

But the President assured the men and women in police uniform that his administration fully supports PNP plans and programs, notably those that “bolster your capability.”

“As you perform your duties on securing our people, you and your families can rest assured of the government’s full support of your welfare and overall well-being,” he said.

Marcos challenged the top police officials to be agents of positive change to attain the national government’s goal of transforming the Philippines into a new country.

Thus, the PNP leadership should waste no time in netting the rogue policemen, who continue to tarnish the image of the 226,000-member law enforcement agency.