Robredo balloon burst

April 1, 2022 Lee Ann P. Ducusin 264 views

YELLOW presidential bet Leni Robredo was advised to stop her foolish game in making supporters believe that she has a chance to land the country’s top post and win in the scheduled May 9 elections.

A journalist, who asked not to be named, said it’s time for Leni to wake up before her dream turns into a nightmare, adding that she has no chance of winning because her results are dismal in all surveys, both the informal ones and the real-time, real man on the street Kalye Surveys.

“Tigilan na nila ang pananaginip ng gising. Sa lahat ng mga surveys, pati sa mga Kalye Surveys, ang layo ng Mama Leni nila. Sa tingin ba nila kakayanin pa nilang humabol? Unless mandaya ulit sila,” the journalist said.

“Mahirap ‘yang pati ikaw nagpapaloko sa panlolokong ginagawa mo, gaya nga paghahakot nila tao para sa mga rally nila at pag-edit ng mga pictures ng mga ito. Gusto nilang paniwalain ang mga botante na puno ng tao ang mga rally nila dahil maraming supporters si Leni pero pati sila mismo naniniwala,” she continued.

The journalist gave the advice in reaction to a video presented by SPLAT Communications, giving a tabulation and analysis of the results of Kalye Surveys conducted from October last year to March 24.

The Kalye Surveys showed that Marcos garnered a commanding lead of 83,168 or 61.1 percent. Leni Robredo was a far second, with 13,776 or 10.1 percent who was followed by Isko Moreno, with 10,232 or 7.5 percent.

The data also showed that Marcos ranked first in 60 out of 67 provinces with available data. The lowest rank he got was third, but only in one province; while he ranked six in six provinces.

On the other hand, Robredo ranked first in only five provinces, namely Albay, Antique, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, and Sorsogon.

She ranked second in 23 provinces, third in 19 provinces, fourth in 16 other provinces, and fifth in five others.

“How can a candidate who garnered the highest preference share in only five out of 67 provinces win? Where will the votes come from? Even if, for the sake of argument, she gets the remaining 14 provinces without data, she would just be leading in only 19 provinces in all. And then this becomes, numerically, statistically, and logically impossible. It just does not add up. It will never add up,” SPLAT said in the analysis.

“For those who had been deliberately misleading their followers and making them expect that they have a realistic shot at this, shame on you. That is a very cruel thing to do to make the people expect by feeding them with false information that does not stand on any empirical, statistical or even logical data,” it added.

Meanwhile, the journalist further berated Robredo for her cunning in changing her campaign colors to pink to evade being affected by the growing umbrage against the Yellow and anyone connected with them.

“Tigilan na niya ang panloloko nya! Kahit anong gawin niyang pagpapanggap, kahit pakulayan pa niya ng pink ang buhok niya, dilawan pa rin siya. Pa-independent, independent pa siya. Alam naman ng lahat na siya ang kandidato ng Liberal!” she pointed out.