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Robredo-Abu link probed

March 19, 2022 Marlon Purification 431 views

SOME photos of Leni Robredo with her teammate Kiko Pangilinan getting off a small boat to campaign somewhere in Basilan in Mindanao went viral on social media.

Netizens slammed Robredo’s seeming courage to go down to Basilan even in the middle of the night, which is known to be a well-known place for some Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

Some sources from the intelligence community said that they are still investigating Robredo’s exact relationship with the Abu Sayyaf but they do not rule out the possibility that they already have an agreement.

“Sa totoo lang ay bineberipika ang eksaktong ugnayan nila subalit dahil sa una na ngang sinabi ni Miss Sharon (Cuneta) na kakampi na nila ang Abu Sayyaf , malamang nga ay totoo ito,” he explained.

It will be recalled that Sharon Cuneta first said in a campaign sortie of Robredo’s camp that apart from the NPA, “friends na rin sila sa Abu Sayyaf.”

“Bukod sa NPA mukhang pati nga teroristang Abu Sayyaf friends na rin nila, katulad ng sabi ni Sharon (Cuneta),” a netizen insisted.

Cuneta said in a campaign sortie that “siya (Robredo) ang kauna-unahang presidente na paniniwalaan ng NPA. Pati Abu Sayyaf ay friends na natin.”

Some netizens, particularly the people of Mindanao, said it seemed like only a drama because they saw that Robredo’s group boarded an expensive yacht and speedboat and only moved to a small boat when they were close to Basilan.

“The photo-op dramas and hakot continue. Abs-Cbn news released this picture of Leni disembarking from a bagka upon reaching Basilan,” according to netizen Jay Padriga.

“Some Basilan residents who saw the VP’s arrival now say that she and her team used a yacht and speedboat, but they transferred to a bangka before reaching the port. Why? For better visual impact when released by the mass media, maybe?” asked Padriga.

Padriga showed some vans in the area as if Robredo’s group was carrying a crowd.

“The white vans are already lined up. ‘Nag-ambagan’ na naman (kuno) ang mga ito,” the netizen added.

Another netizen insisted, it seems that the only thing the media took was the ride of Robredo and his group in the small boat but deliberately did not include their ride on the yacht and speedboat.

“Bakit yung sa maliit na bangka lamang ang ipinakita, siguro para may drama? Para magmukhang para sila sa masa,” according to a netizen.

“Hindi na uubra sa amin ang ganyang gimik,”said another netizen, who identified himself as a resident of Basilan.