DCA 163rd RIZAL DAY IN CALAMBA. Calamba City in Laguna commemorates the 163rd birth anniversary of the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal at his monument in the city hall compound yesterday led by Senator Imee Marcos, Laguna Gov. Ramil Hernandez, Congresswoman Che Hernandez, Congresswoman Ruth Hernandez and Calamba City Mayor Rosseller Rizal. Photo by DENNIS ABRINA

Rizal timeless beacon of peace, wisdom – Imee

June 19, 2024 Gil Aman 204 views

CALAMBA CITY, Laguna – Senator Imee Marcos yesterday said that in today’s interconnected world, Gat Jose Rizal’s legacy stands as a beacon of peace and wisdom.

Speaking at the 163rd Birth Anniversary Celebration of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, in this city, his birthplace, the female senator said that unlike revolutionary figures like Andres Bonifacio and Gregorio del Pilar, Rizal didn’t advocate violence or lead rebellions. His impact, however, transcends such notions.

“Rizal’s brilliance may seem overshadowed in a time where aggression is valorized, but his message of non-violence and intellectual pursuit remains crucial, Senator Marcos said.

“He believed in changing society through education and dialogue, not through armed conflict,” she added.

She said monuments in China and plazas in Havana are testament to his global influence and respect.

“In the 19th century, Rizal understood the power of communication — how the pen could wield more influence than the sword. His decision to use words instead of violence during times of crisis, such as the Filipino Revolution, underscores his commitment to peaceful change and reconciliation,” the female senator said.

Marcos said amidst global turmoil and conflicts, Rizal’s principles hold steadfast. His teachings remind us that violence is not the solution whether in disputes over territories like the West Philippine Sea or conflicts in the Taiwan Strait. Education and understanding, as Rizal exemplified, pave the way to lasting peace and progress.

“As we commemorate his birthday, let’s revive Rizal’s spirit by embracing sacrifice, unity, and the power of knowledge. His words, engraved in our hearts, continue to guide us toward a future where compassion and dialogue triumph over division and hostility,” Sen Marcos concluded.