Review of blood-spattered video suspense-thriller with a child as its badass heroine, ‘Becky’

October 11, 2021 Mario Bautista 45 views

BeckyBECKY’ is not a tribute to gays. It is the kind of action suspense-thriller that is strictly for those who love genre films with blood-and-gore-filled violence on screen. Those who are squeamish would no doubt cringe and should just avoid this home invasion movie, what with the title role heroine being a spoiled 13-year old brat of a girl.

She honestly looks so innocent you wouldn’t think she’d be capable of doing all the gory things she did in the movie. The movie starts with the very pretty title-roler being interviewed by authorities about a crime that happened at her family’s house in the woods.

She claims not to remember anything, then the film flashes back to two weeks earlier. Becky (Lulu Wilson) has just lost her mom and she is being raised alone by her dad, Jeff (Joel McHale), who has found a new girlfriend, Kayla (Amanda Brugel), who has a small son, Ty (Isaiah Rockcliffe.)

Her dad announces that he and Kayla are already officially engaged. As may be expected, Becky resents this and runs away into the woods, sulking. While she is gone, four burly escaped prisoners invade their home, holding her dad hostage along with his girlfriend and son.

The leader of the gang is Dominic (comedian Kevin James playing against type), a ruthless criminal who has no reluctance in killing people. Earlier, he is shown killing another inmate inside their transport van so their guards would stop to take a look. Then he also kills them all and get their uniforms to pretend they’re prison cops.

Becky discovers what happens to her dad and, with a walkie talkie, tells Dominic that she has already called the police. Dominic then tortures her dad but Becky outwits him and manages to stab him in the eye then runs away again. Dominic then sends his other men to get Becky, by hook or by crook.

But Becky is cunning enough to lure them to her traps and then puts one over them. Whereas other girls would just cry in fright when confronted with the same kind of life-threatening situation, Becky shows she has admirable presence of mind.

She reminds us of Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”, but that’s comedy and this one is so violent. We know she’s the one who survived all the violence in the movie because the opening scene already showed her being interviewed about what happened.

How she did it against her foes is what the movie is all about. Of course, you would root for her as she is facing very bad and evil guys. The thing that might turn “manang” viewers off is that Becky seems so mercilessly cold-blooded and has no hesitation whatsoever in inflicting harm on the villains.

She uses innocent things like pencils and a sharpened ruler to stab one guy to death. With one guy who fell into the water of a lake, she uses the propeller of their motor boat to cut his body into pieces. How resourceful and inventive, isn’t she?

The last two guys, including the menacing Dominic who by this time has lost all his patience for her, we won’t tell you anymore what she did to them. All we can say is they do deserve the punishment they got from her. The movie ends with a close up of Becky eating gummy bears, looking so guileless and remorseless.

With this last shot, Directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion seem to be hinting at a dark character study that might be explored in another film. After all the violence she did, it wouldn’t be surprising that it has, in all probability, awakened all of Becky’s incipient killer instincts to make her a menace to society now that she has no living parent to guide her at all.

Lulu Wilson as the spunky Becky shows she can be quite a force to reckon with when she starts to fight back. We’ve seen her before in horror flicks like “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “Annabelle: Creation” playing kiddie roles. This is the first time we see her playing a teen role with solid anger issues after her mom died and her dad gets a new girlfriend.

So obviously, her inner feelings of rebellion are just raging inside of her and turn her into a crazed killer who vents all her hostile emotions all on the escaped convicts who made the mistake of messing up with them. Sorry, but we can’t resist it if we’d sound like we’re condoning Becky. But yes, we find the film catharticallly brutal! How we wish some one would do this to all our hopelessly corrupt, power-hungry government officials.