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Restoring old glory of Pasig River

June 25, 2024 Mario Fetalino Jr. 140 views

PROBABLY all Filipinos want the historic Pasig River to restore its old glory. We may not be able to make the river look the way Jose Rizal described it in his two novels. But the government is exerting great efforts to improve the waterway from its current state.

In fact, the project to rehabilitate Pasig River has started months ago. Progress is taking place and President Ferdinand R. Marocs Jr. is optimistic on the outcome of the undertaking.

The President called on Filipinos to sustain the cleanliness, beauty and security of the Pasig River once the project for its rehabilitation is completed as he envisions the waterway to become among the world’s famous places for rest and recreation and the pride of Filipinos.

In his speech during the inauguration of Phase 1C of the Pasig River Urban Development Project (PRUDP) showcase area on Sunday, President Marcos acknowledged the fruitful collaboration of various agencies that resulted in its excellent upkeep since opening last January.

The President particularly thanked the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD), member agencies of the Inter-Agency Council (IAC) for the Pasig River Urban Development (PRUD) and the Manila City government

“Coupled with this appreciation is a reminder to sustain the cleanliness, beauty, and the security of the esplanade, to ensure that this whole project will be finished within the target time frame that we have put,” President Marcos said.

“So, let us keep up the pace and the hard work, and ensure that the Pasig River becomes a place of rest, recreation, and pride for our people and our country,” he added.

Now is the new era of revival and resurgence for the Philippines, the President said. He called on Filipinos to rally behind the advocacy to save Pasig River. President Marcos said supporting and joining the efforts of the government to help maintain the river’s cleanliness will go a long way.

“Let us work together to make this happen so that we can realize our promise to the Filipino people—a safe, comfortable, productive, sustainable, and peaceful future for everyone,” he said.

President Marcos and First Lady Louise “Liza” Araneta-Marcos attended on Sunday evening the inauguration of the Phase 1C, or the esplanade’s newest stretch, which is part of the ongoing “Pasig Bigyang Buhay Muli” project.

It marks the completion of the 500-meter showcase area of the Pasig River Urban Development Project’s (PRUDP) Manila Old Downtown Segment. The added 250-meter development will connect the existing esplanade from Jones Bridge to Plaza Mexico and Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

The first phases of the project were opened to the public five months ago when President Marcos made a solemn declaration that he will be “all fully in” on the project with the First Lady and be among the foremost advocates and proponents for its completion.

“So our presence here now shows that we are making good progress on that promise, and that we are serious in ensuring that this project will reach its envisioned fruition,” the President said.

The Phase 1C focuses on functional development that includes pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, commercial zones, and green spaces, featuring leasable stalls that will house several food and retail stores, walkways, bike lanes and boardwalk that will add vibrance, drive tourism and generate income.

President Marcos said the structures within the project are also targeted to use renewable energy and promote other ecological practices aligned with the environmental protection and conservation strategies of the government.

“So this is our continuing in our national agenda of sustainable development, which will redound the benefits of generations to come,” the President said.

Many Filipinos will support President Marcos on this huge endeavor.


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