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June 9, 2023 People's Journal 238 views

NETIZENS have appealed to follow the Supreme Court (SC) decision declaring Makati City’s EMBOs or Enlisted Men’s Barrios as being under the jurisdiction of the City of Taguig.

This refers to the April 3, 2023 SC ruling which affirmed the high court’s 2021 decision that declared the 729-hectare Bonifacio Global City and EMBOs as owned by Taguig.

The post that spread across platforms on Thursday, however, claimed that the issue may allegedly reopen the territorial dispute between the two local governments.

This met the ire of netizens who flooded the post with comments of disbelief, citing the finality of the Supreme Court decision.

“Final decision na ‘yan, tanggapin ang katotohanan,” one netizen said.

“Supreme Court na ang finale. Tapos na ang laban!” commented another netizen.

Others, meanwhile, questioned the purpose of the post.

The City of Taguig itself has said it has not received any such document to reopen the territorial dispute.

Supreme Court Spokesperson Atty. Brian Keith Hosaka, for his part, said “I have no information about this. The SC-PIO (Public Information Office) will immediately post any notices on the SC website and official Twitter account should we receive any,” Hosaka said.