‘Regal Studio Presents’ enters 12th season with heartwarming episodes

June 22, 2024 Ian F. Fariñas 219 views

GMA Network and Regal Entertainment’s weekend anthology series Regal Studio Presents is gearing up for its 12th season with brand new episodes about love, family and friendship topbilled by Kapuso stars.

The new season begins today, June 23, with Fishing for Love starring Cassy Legaspi and Michael Sager.

Michael will play Tim, a persistent young man in pursuit of winning back the heart of his ex-girlfriend by giving her a pet fish that she once had.

Tim goes to a fish pet shop, determined to buy an aquatic pet. There, he meets Polly (Cassy), the shop’s owner.

Tim finds a way to get closer to Polly, hoping that she will give in to his ultimate goal.

Is this the start of a special friendship, or will it go sour in the end? Catch the season opener directed by Zoren Legaspi today.

On June 30, Kapuso viewers will value the importance of respect and gender equality through Queen Brother, bannered by Allen Ansay and Sassa Gurl.

Potchi (Allen) comes home from school one day to tell his brother, King (Sassa), that he has dropped out of Criminology school.

On the other hand, King, the tough kuya, couldn’t tell Potchi that he’s gay and works at a Drag Bar.

How will Potchi react if he finds out that his brother is gay? Will he accept it or will he neglect him?

Another brand new story to look forward to is a romantic-comedy story starring Kelvin Miranda and Ashley Ortega.

Ashley will play Natalie, a spoiled young lady who is staying at her grandmother’s province for vacation. Raised in Canada and sheltered from any hardship, she unexpectedly bumps into a guy named Paul, played by Kelvin, a vegetable store owner who was kind enough to return the wallet that Natalie dropped at the wet market.

Natalie then accuses Paul of stealing her wallet, which causes friction between the two. Paul eventually teaches Natalie how to make a decent living by helping him sell vegetables, which makes her appreciate his simplicity and concern for family.

But will their difference in social status be a hindrance to their blossoming romance?

Find out in Love Finds You in Palengke on July 7.

A special family drama episode, Remember Me, Santi, starring Elijah Alejo and Francis Mata, airs on July 14.

Yohanne (Elijah) turns up at Lolo Santi’s (Francis) doorstep again, wanting to spend more time with her grandfather. Lolo Santi is very glad to see Yohanne, whom he bonded with last Christmas and has grown close with since then.

While spending time with her grandfather, Yohanne notices that Lolo Santi is starting to be forgetful, which she finds out is a worsening condition.

How will Yohanne deal with Lolo Santi’s fading memories, and how will this affect their relationship?

Catch these exciting stories in Regal Studio Presents every Sunday, 4:35 p.m., on GMA Network and Kapuso Stream.

Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.