Real-Life Cryptid & Humanoid Sightings & Encounters

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Posted: 23 Jul 2021 07:56 AM PDT

Humanoid15 encounters of cryptids or humanoids described by different witnesses. White-haired humanoid, strange deer, a Gnome and a possible Bigfoot. What did they see?

I recently came across the following accounts:

“We lived in a rural area in southwest Pennsylvania surrounded by woods. This happened on a winter night (it was night time but the full moon reflecting on the snow made it pretty light out). I was walking from the barn to the house when I saw something by the small tool shed we called “the sauna” because that was what it was originally intended as.

I looked closer and it appeared to be a three foot tall humanoid covered in white hair and digging in the snow behind beside the sauna. I watched for a minute and could also hear it digging in the snow. Then, terrified, I went inside and told my siblings. We didn’t go back out that night.

The next day, there was a huge hole in the snow, but no footprints” GT


“My girlfriend has twice seen a strange deer-like creature in Spain where we live. IMO it must be a deer with a birth defect or strange physical deformity. She described it as, “a deer with no neck”. A normal-looking deer body with its head sunken into its chest.

We live in a small town in the country but my girlfriend works in the city and has to pass through 40+ minutes of farm fields and tiny towns to get home. It was about 11pm she was about to enter a tiny town and said she saw the strangest looking creature standing off the road by some bushes. She first thought it was a headless deer, and slammed on her brakes to get a look at it. After stopping she could see there was a head, but it was sunken into the deer’s chest, like the chest was absorbing it. After a second or so it reared and turned away and trotted off in “a really awkward way, like it’s knees didn’t bend, it was kind of hobbling or bouncing.”

About a month later she saw it again, about the same time and the same town but on the opposite side. Just standing next the the road not moving with its weird, sunken head.

She said the thing was creepy as fuck and it looked unsettling. She gets to write her own schedule for her job, so after that second sighting she started making sure she never closed. The road she had to take too/from work already had enough problems with deer jumping out, creepy mutant deer were just too much I guess.

She is working evenings/nights again but has not seen this weird deer since before COVID started.” OR


“When I was a child, I used to live in a subdivision in Northern Virginia that had an 18-hole golf course in the middle of all the houses. I would often go out on the golf course when golfers would leave or when golfing was highly uncommon.

There was a forest in the middle of the golf course that was always eerily quiet and was genuinely spooky. We tended to steer clear of going any further from the edge because of that fact.

One day, I was supposed to meet some of my friends at our “base” which was at the edge of the forest, so I was making the trek alone to meet them. It was probably about midday in summer. I recall their being overcast and looked like it might rain, so we knew golfers wouldn’t be around.

I was not too far off and could see the edge of the forest about 200 feet away. I was in the middle of the fairway when I stopped because I saw something strange out of the corner of my eye move to my right. Also about 200 feet away, I saw something I have never seen before, nor since. It was a huge, greyish/white deer with small antlers, standing at the edge of the fairway as well next to a large tree. I froze staring at it from afar, and it staring back at me.

The strangest thing that I remember about this encounter was the long sound it made and what occurred after it made it. It literally sounded like whales communicating long distances, but was extremely loud in my ears for coming from at least a few hundred feet away. Extremely frightened, I started running away, but within a few seconds of beginning my flight, I remember looking back to see if it was chasing me, but it vanished, increasing my fear and speed away.

I remember telling people this right after it happened, but nobody believed me. I think the consensus was that it was “in my head.” DB


“During the winter, I believe it was 2006, I was driving at night with my then-boyfriend between North Conway, NH and Bridgton, ME. Looking at maps, I assume we were on Route 302. It was a very cold night, with snow on the ground. We were driving through a wooded area, when what appeared to be a Bigfoot crossed the road quickly in front of us, just at the edge of our headlights. It had very wide, stocky legs and a slightly weird gait. Hard to describe.

I kept driving for a few moments, but then one of us said something and we agreed that we had both seen something that didn’t make any sense. He wanted to turn around, so I did.

We stopped at the location and tried to find tracks in the snow. However, I was scared – whether it was actually a cryptid or a weird person in a costume, I didn’t want to meet them – and I was freezing. So, I did another turn and we got out of there.

I thought it was too incredible that someone would be out there on such a very cold windy night.” CM


“I had a weird experience when I was 12 or so. My sister, who is a year younger, a friend who lived a block over of the same age, and I were exploring this forest area that ringed a marshy prairie here in Iowa. We were just sitting on some logs and looking out over the prairie marsh woods as the sun was setting and this little figure popped up. I swear to whatever powers that be it was only a couple feet high, walking through the grass, with a pointy hat. The sun was setting kind of being him (or maybe her?), so I couldn’t make out a lot of color. But it kind of strolled around for a couple minutes while we all grabbed each others hands and stared for a few minutes. I started saying, “Oh my God. What the.. oh my God!”

I must have been muttering my disbelief loudly because I hit a louder syllable and it froze then ducked into the grass and was gone. We were all blown away and I still swear that I believe in gnomes. How can I not? One of the strangest experiences in my life.” HC

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