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June 30, 2023 Bro. Clifford T. Sorita 141 views

SoritaPerceptually, our challenge lies in our blind spots, not in our vision. Unlike correcting a blind spot in the rear view of an automobile, which can be rectified simply by adding a different kind or a supplemental mirror, we cannot correct our personal blind spots so easily. To correct them, we must grow in our perception and in our reception of what is. To “perceive” means to “seize wholly,” or to “see all the way through.” Perception, therefore, is the act of seeing in the mind, of understanding.

This is what DZRV Radyo Veritas 846 has come to realize vis-à-vis what we have perceived it to be, but perceptions are only half truths. Recently published media information and measurement reports have statistically affirmed the competitive advantages of DZRV Radyo Veritas 846 to which the strategic special projects department has anchored its reintroduction of Radyo Veritas to its listening public and media/advertising partners. They presented an inventory of PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS towards the station to which they juxtaposed to the REALITY of its EXISTENCE, and here is what I discovered …

PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is just your Typical Radio Station, and as such is governed by its Key Operational Measures (e.g. Demographic Profile, TARP Rating, Percentage Share, TARP Reach, etc.) REALITY: Radyo Veritas is historically grounded as the station at forefront of Philippine Social Transformation during EDSA People Power 1 and 2. When it comes to Radyo Veritas its listeners can be guaranteed that its sense of historicity gives its broadcast the “credibility and reputation” it is known for. “Saan ka na magtitiwala kundi sa istasyong subok na sa panahon” … and its 54 years of existence is in itself a testimony to its trustworthiness.

PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is solely a Religious Radio Station. REALITY: Though it can never be denied that at its core the station is the CATHOLIC Radio Station in the Philippines (and no one inside the station is rebuffing this fact) but its operations it more than just purely religious programming. WHY? Because TRUTH is UNIVERSAL, and the universality of truth implies that its programs holistically cater to the political, social, environmental, economic, cultural and religious life of a Filipino for his/her integral development. The station isn’t just all “praises and worship” but a holistic embodiment of programs and shows for the day-to-day needs of our countrymen.

PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is simply a broadcast capable radio station. REALITY: The station does not only fulfill the “minimum broadcast requirement” to air its programs and shows. Its transmitter allows the station to broadcast within a 50,000 watts efficiency to reach a wider range of listeners with the best possible on-air quality. By the way, the “Global Filipino” can likewise listen to Radyo Veritas via its Live Audio and Video Streaming in the internet just by clicking its website at

PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is just the 3rd Top Radio Station out of the 18 AM Stations in Mega-Manila. According to the March 2023 AGB Nielsen’s survey, Radyo Veritas has a TARP placing the station at 4th Top Position. REALITY: Placing Radyo Veritas at Top 4 position is in itself a great achievement vis-à-vis the other top 3 commercial stations. But Radyo Veritas is more than just “mere statistical indicators” based on a research sampling design. The station is a concrete embodiment of a unique ON-AIR RADIO Community called KAPANALIG. For other commercial stations you can ask for their audience profile and they will give you statistical figures but at Radyo Veritas they will give you a data-base of loyal listeners which by the way is now at 45,000+ members and still growing. Moreover, the station likewise has TOP radio programs and shows in its timeslot.

PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is plainly a station of radio promos and campaigns. REALITY: The station is the “flagship” Catholic Radio Station in the Philippines, and in a country which is predominantly Catholic (around 83% – 78,020,000 Filipinos) this means that unlike other radio stations, Radyo Veritas has a “below the line” base of parishes, schools and organizations that can be potentially utilized for grassroots events and activities.

And Finally, PERCEPTION: Radyo Veritas is just your typical Media Partner and Broadcasters of the Truth. REALITY: Profit is the least concern of the station. Its primary goal is always to serve the listening public with quality radio broadcast within the overall context of morally sound values. Thus, at Radyo Veritas every single employee is a TRUSTED FRIEND you can always rely on “inside” and “outside” the working environment of the station. Its Anchors and Reporters are more than just broadcasters of Truth; they are Media Practitioners who live the truth … because Truth isn’t just a byword or tagline but a way of life.

So, come and listen to Radyo Veritas (Ang Radyo ng Simbahan) … And know whether our perceptions are really what they seem to be!